Special Interest Groups 

Want to connect with other SAQA members? Learn more about about a particular topic?

SAQA offers a series of online meetings that take place "virtually" using Zoom video conferencing technology. Zoom can be used with all types of devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, Android, and more! It's a fun way to meet other SAQA members and discuss art-related topics.

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Note: you must be a current SAQA member to participate in the Special Interest Groups.


Current Special Interest Groups

Mixed Media - moderated by Christine Chester
1st Thursday of each month, 11AM Eastern Standard Time (4PM GMT)

Working in mixed media creates challenges as well as excitement. The prospects of working with certain materials can provide all sorts of possibilities for creative work, but at the same time present us with practical problems to overcome. With so many products and materials now available to work with (and others appearing all the time), sharing experiences and problems can help us to find a successful path towards completed work.  

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Dolores MillerExploring Contemporary Art - moderated by Dolores Miller
4th Tuesday of each month, 1PM Eastern time (GMT -4)


The goal of this group is to provide a casual, supportive, open-minded place for us to actively learn as we discuss and become familiar with contemporary art and artists. We'll start by looking at various definitions of contemporary art and its main characteristics, its relationship to the art that came before, then move on to examining the art and artists.

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Gul LaporteEchange linguistique - Français (Modérateur: Gül Laporte) 

Vous parlez français? Aimeriez-vous dans ce cas explorer le monde merveilleux de l’art quilt en français? Plus de barrière de la langue et grâce à ce groupe vous pourrez bénéficier au maximum des opportunités et des avantages que SAQA peut vous offrir. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Special Interest Group?
SAQA’s Education Committee has created Special Interest Groups (SIGs) as an exciting new format for SAQA members to meet and connect in live, interactive groups focused around a particular theme. Hosted on Zoom Meeting, SIGs will provide an opportunity for members to gather at a specific time to explore topics, discuss books, follow their artists’ journey, informally share their art and experiences, and countless other possible themes.  

Who can attend?
SIGs come in 3 forms:

  1. Drop-in groups will be open to all SAQA members to “drop-in”, on an ongoing basis, at their convenience – think, a general “Stitch and Chat”, or a specific theme like, “Long-arm Quilters”.
  2. Formal groups will be open to all SAQA members to join, but closed to new members once the group has started – think, book-study group, or other sequential topics.
  3. Focused groups will be open to those of our SAQA members that identify with specific criteria – think, “Teachers” or “Authors”

Does it cost anything?
Joining a SIG will never cost anything to current SAQA members. However, depending on the group, there may be some cost associated with the group – such as a book for discussion.

Where can I find out which SIGs are currently meeting? How do I sign up?
Check back on this page (www.saqa.com/groups) for information about new and ongoing groups. As new offerings are added, they will be publicized via SAQA’s weekly eBlast, Facebook, SAQA Yahoo Group and other social media.

I’ve never used Zoom. How does it work?
Zoom is a wonderful, simple way for members to connect face-to-face! If you haven’t tried it, check out the information about Zoom at: http://www.saqa.com/zoom-faq

I can’t attend at that time. Will it be recorded and archived?
SIGs are live, interactive groups, and thus, are not conducive to recording. One of the most important features of SIGs is they give members a new way to connect with other members, from across town, across their region or around the world in real time. Please note: SIGs are not instructional in nature. They are not presentations. They are discussions you are invited to participate in.

Can I start a Special Interest Group?
SAQA is always looking for SIGs to reach out to new audiences. Do you have an idea for a group? Drop us an email at: groups@saqa.com We’d love to hear from you!