Meet Your Representative Sherri Lipman McCauley

I like to work extemporaneously and in the abstract. Bright colors tend to excite me, as well as geometry and asymmetry. I typically work in the moment, working with paints and dyes on fabric, creating serendipitous designs. The simple line of a geometric shape, the blast of a colorful line, or the contrast of black against white makes my canvas sing.

My tools of choice include fabric reactive dyes, paints, and a host of threads. I use artist created Thermofax screens and stencils, paints, inks and dyes to detail my designs.

Printing, stenciling, painting, stitching, appliqueing and fabric manipulation are all involved in getting my designs onto the cloth.

My design work often starts with black and white marks, adding symbolic colors and shapes to reflect emotions and events in my life. I look at life through a black and white screen, with pockets of intense color. The color and shapes represent my interaction with the world in which I live.

I believe in giving back to the art community, and because of this, I have donated my time and works of art for fund raising causes to the following organizations: The Quilt Alliance, Texas Federation of Fiber Artists, Austin Fiber Artists, Austin Area Quilt Guild, International Quilt Association, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Studio Art Quilt Associates, Surface Design Association, the Austin Modern Quilt Guild, and Visions Art Museum.

I realize that I have many experiences yet to encounter, many dyes and paints to explore, and many yards of fabric to tangle with.


© 2016 Sherri Lipman McCauley
40" x 40"