Meet Your Representative Lisa Chipentiine

A self-taught needle artist, I discovered quilting in 2000, and made one traditional quilt – which was my last.  

I have exhibited, lectured and taught quilting both nationally and internationally – and am included in the Johnson & Johnson corporate collection.  My piece “Stairway to Heaven” became the first piece of the permanent collection of the TwentseWelle Museum in the Netherlands and my work has been in exhibited in museums, art galleries and personal collections worldwide.

“Spontaneity of the process is what excites me, because I truly believe: "There are no mistakes...there is only your art." I continue to try to "boldly go where no woman has gone before!" Surrealism and abstraction highlight my work, which is projected through its dimensionality, my titles being my inspiration by "playing on words". The pieces come to life with their visual dance and tactile qualities, which are achieved through the use of plastics, paper and foreign objects juxtaposed with yarns, threads, painting products and most recently, digital photo technology.” – Lisa Chipetine 

As President of the Studio Art Quilt Associates in 2009 I launched a global mentorship program called “The Visioning Project”. Earlier, I started as SAQA’s New York Representative – and now I have come back to my roots re-engaging the membership at the local level.  By day, I am a Technology Consultant – developing and implementing strategies for global corporations utilizing emerging technologies.  My day job and my artwork converge on many levels – you can view my artwork at

Drunkard's Path

Drunkard Path: A REAL Diversion from the Traditional 

©  2016 Lisa Chipetine
 31 " H x 20 "w x 1 " Deep