Meet Your Representative Carol Kimble

My work is strongly influenced by my emotions as I speak and listen on particular subjects and topics that have strong meaning to me.  I begin with color, shape and light to represent what I want to say.  I continue talking through my choices using piecing, applique, paint, fabric manipulation, dye, thread painting, embellishment and intricate quilting patterns.  I love everything that is in any way connected to fabric and stitching.  I have sewn clothes and decorator items since I was quite young.  I did commercial art and I taught art in a junior high as a young professional woman.  In the past few years I found the joy of creating my art with fabric, fiber and stitching. 

I am a Montana native although I have lived in other states in my journey.  In addition to a background in teaching, I also enjoyed jobs in public school administration.  I was fortunate to work in the area of technology education with Apple in marketing and sales for several years in Colorado and Wyoming.  After moving back to Montana, I traveled throughout the country doing teacher education workshops as a consultant.  It is clear to me now that my work is my art.  It is my heart and my soul.  

Fire Walk

Fire Walk
© 2016 Carol Kimble 
25"x 19"