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SAQA Seminar 2018 - Visual Design is now in progress!

The Education Committee is excited to announce SAQA Seminar 2018! The theme is Visual Design.

We’ll kick off on September 10 and then release a new unit of material every two weeks. We’ll cover four topics: Elements of Design, Principles of Design, Design Processes, and Evaluation of Design. 

SAQA members will have access to articles, tutorials, book reviews and links to inspirational resources. There will be video conversations with leading artists in our field. We’ll also have a Facebook group for SAQA Seminar participants and opportunities to participate in weekly live video chats.

We look forward to exploring Visual Design with SAQA members, whether you're new to art quilting or an experienced artist.

Registration is open until the end of October - all the resources are online and you can read on your own schedule (even after Seminar ends).  View Online Resources »

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If you have any questions, please let us know at seminar@saqa.com.


Artwork on top header (L-R) by: Susie Monday, Gay Young, Linda Stokes, and Susan Morgan

SAQA Seminar FAQs

What is SAQA Seminar?

Launched in 2016, SAQA Seminar is a project offered through the Education Committee just for SAQA members. We wanted to provide members with opportunities to learn more about a particular topic, share their expertise, ask questions, have conversations, and meet new people.

SAQA Seminar is a multi-media collection of content that will be released throughout September and October. It will include articles, video conversations, a special Facebook group and opportunities for “live chats” using Zoom video conferencing. All the offerings will be accessible online. (It’s not a traditional retreat, workshop, class or conference. It’s all virtual.)

We are confident everyone will find something interesting, instructive or inspiring whether you’re new to art quilting or you’ve been creating art with fabric and stitching for years. And remember, all this great content is totally FREE for SAQA members! 


Why do I need to register?

Since SAQA Seminar is only available to members, you do need to register first. This ensures that you receive the weekly SAQA Seminar email plus receive access to all the online opportunities. Remember to add saqa.com to your list of approved senders so our emails don't end up in your spam. However, all the information will also be available online via the link below.

View Online Resources »

You will need to login to your mySAQA account as part of the registration process. Don't remember your mySAQA password? Here is a link to request a password reset email. If you require additional assistance, please contact us at website@saqa.com.


What are Live Chats?

Live Chats are online informal discussions about all things Visual Design. You can meet fellow SAQA Seminar participants face-to-face during these hour-long video chats throughout each unit of the SAQA Seminar. Times and days will vary from week to week to reach the widest audience across time zones and schedules.

Live Chat uses the Zoom videoconference meeting platform, a simple, fun, approach to gathering people together. Zoom can be used with all types of devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, Android, and more! If you are unable to connect via the internet, you can opt to call in via phone instead.

Each weekly email will include information about the Live Chat schedule. 

Please note that Live Chats are not recorded for future viewing. Remember, these are not presentations but rather designed to be informal discussions between participants. We want everyone on their videocams to feel comfortable among friends and be willing to freely share their creative journeys. 


Due to my work / travel schedule, I can't participate all the time. Is this a problem?

That's totally fine! SAQA Seminar is not an online course with classes that you are required to attend. Except for the scheduled Live Chats (which are optional), everything will be available online.

You can begin exploring when we kick off on September 10 or you may find your way to all the great resources several weeks (or months) later. All the information will stay in our archives online.


I can't access the resources - what is my login?

The members-only content of SAQA Seminar is available to current SAQA members only. You will need to login to your mySAQA account to access the information.

View Online Resources »

Don't remember your mySAQA password? Here is a link to request a password reset email. If you require additional assistance, please contact us at website@saqa.com.


Can I still access SAQA Seminar content from previous years?

If you missed out on SAQA Seminar 2017, you can always view the online resources via the link below (login is required). Unfortunately, due to a change in platform, we no longer have access to the 2016 SAQA Seminar content.

Access SAQA Seminar



If you have any questions, please email us at seminar@saqa.com