Meet Your Representative Colleen Ansbaugh

Colleen Ansbaugh, MS Business, and Textile and Clothing from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, is a resident of Wisconsin. Current: Sewing and quilting instructor at Nicolet College, Rhinelander, WI.

Many years of professional experience within industrial manufacturing settings: multi-facility corporate surface design team member and development of industrial textiles.

Sewing as a child, I began a lifelong love of textiles. Using nature as a source of inspiration, my art creations are hand dyed fiber and cloth. Sometimes adding more color with paint; more often adding further surface design through silk screening, felting and always stitching. The stitching defines the piece a high degree of flavor.

My wonderful and supportive husband tolerates spilled beads and a few pins in the rug. Our dogs snatch up cloth scraps from the floor and make a run for attention.

Water Pol

With Water

© 2016 Colleen Ansbaugh 
18.5" x 16.5"