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Art by (L-R): Jeannie Moore, Bella Kaplan, Elaine Millar, Janis Doucette, Phyllis CullenFood for Thought

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Tableau—Morceaux 44 x 32 inchesNancy Bardach • Berkeley, California USA
44 x 32 inches - $2000

Here are ordinary alimentary settings and kitchen implements writ large. Each is poised on a striped tablecloth to delineate a fantasy foursome: five pepper blend, mushroom soup, Gilroy garlic with press, and a glass of Montepulciano.

Pepitas 40 x 39 inchesVicki Bohnhoff • Anthem, Arizona USA
40 x 39 inches - $6400

So many little seeds from one pumpkin! Camille Spurlock washed and roasted them in a pan and took this photo because the spirals formed reminded her of the Fibonacci spirals I was quilting.


Just Peachy 31 x 33 inchesDianne Browning • Bend, Oregon USA
Just Peachy
31 x 33 inches - $2200

I love creating big graphic fruit, and I was inspired by a classic still life painting. I wanted to give the whole piece a lot of texture, so layers of sheers on the background, along with a whimsical layered leaf, added to the textures of the peach.

Forks 35 x 37 inchesSusan Callahan • Silver Spring, Maryland USA
35 x 37 inches - $2000

I am a chef and a teacher. Often I am asked to taste what my students are preparing. I generally grab a handful of forks and start tasting my way around the kitchen.

Fish Chowder 25 x 24 inchesBarbara Cordio • Bluffton, South Carolina USA
Fish Chowder
25 x 24 inches - $800

When I think of Maine I remember the full moon over the ocean, the crashing waves, and “Sarah’s Fish Chowder.”

It’s the Beans 34 x 40 inchesPhyllis Cullen •  Ninole, Hawaii USA
It’s the Beans
34 x 40 inches - $1800

Here on the island of Hawaii, we take our coffee seriously. (For me, it’s always been one of the 4 food groups required for survival). Sugarcane, pineapple, and onions are part of Hawaii’s legacy as well, but our coffee is the best because of the climate, the aloha, and the beans.

Elegant Edibles 46 x 38 inchesJennifer Day • Santa Fe, New Mexico USA
Elegant Edibles
46 x 38 inches - $4000

I spent hours in the grocery store looking for just the right fruit, roots and foods to use in this quilt. From the newly sliced pomegranate to a clove of garlic with a dash of moisture on its skin, these foods each have unique tastes and colors. I particularly enjoyed selecting the jicama with its tendrils spiraling into the air.

What’s for Dinner? 24 x 32 inchesGabriele DiTota • Melbourne, Florida USA
What’s for Dinner?
24 x 32 inches - $2500

The theme caused me to stop and think about those who don’t have enough. There is enough food to feed everyone; Americans throw away as much as 40% of their food.

Consider the Egg 32 x 42 inchesLisa Dodson • Martinsville, Indiana USA
Consider the Egg
32 x 42 inches - $1800

In many ways, the essence of life can be represented by the humble egg. While the egg provides almost perfect nourishment for the body, the versatile egg still holds some of life’s great mysteries.

The Invitation 30 x 31 inchesJanis Doucette •  North Reading, Massachusetts USA
The Invitation
30 x 31 inches - $1200

A critique blog that poses themes for art quilts challenged participants to do something cubist, which I’d never done before. I tried a number of different approaches, which in the cubist mode seem infinite. I loved the playfulness of this genre.

Mother Nature’s Milk 31 x 31 inchesSarah Entsminger •  Ashburn, Virginia USA
Mother Nature’s Milk
31 x 31 inches - NFS

A few years ago, I learned that I had developed an allergy to the proteins found in animal milk — casein and whey. Unfortunately, all of my favorite foods included at least one of those proteins. Plant-based milks have saved my sanity as well as my health, and I am very grateful for the almond trees that produce milk for me to enjoy.

C is for........Couching! 42 x 25 inchesHelen Godden •  Latham, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
C is for........Couching!
42 x 25 inches - $1800

With my new couching foot, I am couching anything and everything. The opportunity to describe the texture and patterns of vegetables in an oversized still life was too tempting. C is for many healthy veggies, such as celery and carrots, cabbage, corn and cauliflower, but C is also for ……..Couching!

Artichokes and Friends 45 x 36 inchesBetty Hahn •  Sun City, Arizona USA
Artichokes and Friends
45 x 36 inches - $7200

My challenge was to use my photos to create a realistic-looking tower of fruit. I would not have been able to assemble this pile in real life, but I wanted it to appear as if it were real. Creating art is making the unbelievable, believable.

Make a Wish 40 x 33 inchesCherrie Hampton • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
Make a Wish
40 x 33 inches - NFS

On Jillian’s sixth birthday, she was presented with an enormous chocolate cake with funny twisted candles. Her eyes grew wide as she focused on her special wish. When she blew out the candles, smoke lingered in the air creating a magical haze in which both her wish and time stood still.

August 10, 1912 Tomato Soup 46 x 46 inchesJim Hay • Takasaki, Gunma, Japan
August 10, 1912 Tomato Soup
46 x 46 inches - $3990

My grandfather Henry Emile Trouteaud and his brother Edward bought ship tickets so their families could move from Guernsey Island to America. Great grandmother (Emma Elizabeth Hancock Trouteaud) became ill before they could leave so the sons returned the tickets. The ship sailed past Guernsey on its way out of the English Channel. Great grandmother was eating soup. The ship was the Titanic.

Kwasini Sifting Beans 43 x 37 inchesSusan Jackan •  Madison, Wisconsin USA
Kwasini Sifting Beans
43 x 37 inches - $2500

The inspiration for “Kwasini Sifting Beans” was a photo taken by my son while in the Peace Corps in Cameroon. Beans, especially soy, are an important staple in many villages. Wood burning mud stoves are used for cooking in the absence of electricity.

Hello Cow 30 x 36 inchesBella Kaplan •  Kfar-Giladi, Israel
Hello Cow
30 x 36 inches - $1600

I live on a kibbutz and we have a large herd of cows for milk and cheese. I celebrate them in my quilt.

That’s MINE! 41 x 42 inchesKathleen Kastles •  Wailuku, Hawaii USA
That’s MINE!
41 x 42 inches - $8333

Everyone who has had a sibling or has parented more than one child will understand this scene. The fruit in question is something you might not recognize, however. In India they call it a raspberry. It is actually a bunch of cape gooseberries tied together to make a ball. To eat it, one pulls off the gooseberries one at a time.

Bella 32 x 36 inchesKarol Kusmaul  •  Inverness, Florida USA
32 x 36 inches - $2000

One thought that this theme inspired in my mind is how writing and reading has fed my soul. Bella is a memorial to my mother, Anne, who was a wonderful cook and writer.

Clam Chowder: Step 1 39 x 34 inchesCat Larrea •  Anchorage, Alaska USA
Clam Chowder: Step 1
39 x 34 inches - $2200 SOLD

In south central Alaska, digging for razor clams is a summertime celebration for thousands of people when the extreme low tides expose broad reaches of beach along the shores of Cook Inlet. On one gray day of clamming, I could easily spot my friend by her bright orange gloves. A quick photo I took of her became the theme of this piece.

Heirlooms 40 x 30 inchesElaine Millar  •  Portland, Oregon USA
40 x 30 inches - $1500

In late summer, tomato crops peak. This quilt depicts the light that would come through the window and reflect on the granite counter top, which is covered with the tomato harvest.

Il Mercato 34 x 46 inchesJeannie Palmer Moore   •  Escondido, California USA
Il Mercato
34 x 46 inches - $2200

There is nothing more enticing than a display window at an Italian Market. Juicy, fresh tomatoes arranged among Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar and wine tempt the palate.

Cherry Pie 38 x 42 inchesVelda Newman  •  Nevada City, California USA
Cherry Pie
38 x 42 inches - $6000

This is one piece from a series called ALL AMERICAN PIE. There are twelve quilts in the group, each one representing a different slice of America’s favorite dessert.

Yum! Pineapple Upside Down Cake 25 x 35 inchesDiane Powers-Harris  •  Monroe, New Hampshire USA
Yum! Pineapple Upside Down Cake
25 x 35 inches - $1900

Quilters and food are a winning combination. Loving to bake, I alternate between several different desserts for covered dish events. To make this quilt, a Pineapple Upside Down cake, my absolutely favorite yummy comfort food dessert, had to be baked first! Take a moment to enjoy what was a scrumptiously mouthwatering dessert. Oh, and please don’t drool on the quilt!

Eat Actual Food 43 x 25 inchesJudith Roderick  •  Placitas, New Mexico USA
Eat Actual Food
43 x 25 inches - $1400

This quilt speaks to our eating habits and to my belief that we should eat actual food. I fondly remember all of the gardens of my childhood. I grew gardens while raising my family and now look forward to picking up my boxes of organic produce.

Vege Peels Circling the Drain 29 x 37 inchesJudy Ross  •  Avon, Connecticut USA
Vege Peels Circling the Drain
29 x 37 inches - $1200

I saw the phrase “Food for Thought,” and I thought of something that I frequently don’t eat. If it weren’t for wax on the peels and pesticides in the fields, I would always eat the peels of the vegetables. However unless I buy organic, I am leery about eating the vegetable peels even though they are undoubtedly packed with nutrients.

Sushi Q 29 x 33 inchesAnn Sanderson •  Nevada City, California USA
Sushi Q
29 x 33 inches - $1700

In our town we are lucky to have a wonderful sushi restaurant. The chef hand selects fresh fish daily and prepares “works of art” that are colorful as well as playful for his customers.

Queen of the Night 42 x 41 inchesHelena Scheffer and Marion Perrault •  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Queen of the Night
42 x 41 inches - $2500 *SOLD

The dragon fruit is surely one of most strikingly colorful natural creations. The fruit, which is an unassuming staple in emerging countries from Cambodia to Mexico, is crowned with a large fragrant flower that blooms only in the dark, giving it its royal name: queen of the night.

Insalata 29 x 33 inchesSarah Ann Smith  •  Hope, Maine USA
29 x 33 inches - $3400

When visiting my mother we would often go to a restaurant called Insalata, housed in a building that had been a bank when I was a child. The chef/owner met the challenge of the enormous ceilings by commissioning oversized artwork of fruits and vegetables scaled to fit the soaring walls. As I worked on these salad ingredients, I recalled the flavors of our food and the company of my mother and her friends as we lunched there.

Mushroom Frittata 29 x 31 inchesJean Sredl  • Riverside, Illinois US
Mushroom Frittata
29 x 31 inches - $1700

Used for centuries as flavorings, mushrooms are present in almost all cultures’ foods. My fantasy mushroom garden is complete with all my favorites. Why is it a fantasy? Because giant puffballs grow in the fall, morel mushrooms in the spring and shiitakes in Japan!

Learning to Cook #2 46 x 32 inchesCynthia St. Charles •  Billings, Montana USA
Learning to Cook #2
46 x 32 inches - $1500

My “Learning to Cook” series is an exploration of multiple surface design applications made in layers. The final layer is composed of prints made with a Thermofax screen adapted from recipes handwritten by my maternal and paternal grandmothers.

Light Pizza House 38 x 31 inches Mikiko Takase •  Tamamura Machi Sawa Gun, Gunma ken, Japan
Light Pizza House
38 x 31 inches - $1000

Next spring my younger daughter will finish school and leave home. She’ll be sailing from a small glass to the big ocean. I feel like a lonely lighthouse. Every time she comes home, I’ll welcome her with pizza.

Chopsticks and Edamame 45 x 35 inchesMary E. Vaneecke •  Tucson, Arizona USA
Chopsticks and Edamame
45 x 35 inches - $950

This is my abstract version of a delicious Japanese dish: steamed fresh soybeans. Pass the salt.

Garden for Victory 35 x 25 inchesK. Velis Turan •  Earlton, New York USA
Garden for Victory
35 x 25 inches - $2500

Garden for Victory is an homage to a poster produced during World War II. It was part of an effort to get the civilian population of the Allied countries to produce their own food.

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