Meet Your Representatives Rasa Mauragis

My journey into textiles has been a long windy road.  My parents came to Australia as WW2 refugees and I grew up immersed in the Lithuanian language, culture and traditions - an environment of music, literacy and the arts.  At school, besides making a cross stitch apron, I had no exposure to textiles. So whilst studying for a music degree I taught myself to knit, crotchet, weave, embroider and ventured into macramé.  I just fell in love with working with fibres.  I had no sewing experience at all until I tried to make clothes for my girls.  “Tried” being the operative word for my efforts.  In 1995 I enrolled in a quilting class with an inspiring quilter Beth Miller and discovered my creative niche.  My first totally completed quilt Central Spirit won the Margaret Armistead Award for first time exhibitor at the Canberra Quilters Exhibition. Not long after, whilst preparing for the Nancy Crow workshop, I discovered fabric dyeing.  These two experiences shaped my world for years to come as I found my creative inner self and the means by which I could express myself.  

As a music teacher I taught students through composition but was too inhibited to create something myself.  Quilting freed me and has let loose my creativity.  Whilst not having any formal art training I find many parallels between the elements in music and the visual arts.  Colour, shape, line, texture mesmerise me and I have always been drawn to art, and shapes and lines in nature.  The work dictates my approach and what techniques and materials I will use.  I have two opposing approaches to working – structured and/or spontaneous and fluctuate between realism and abstract.  Whilst I work my constant companion is the what if question.   My work reflects my response to nature, art, places, people, and experiences.  Travelling around Australia I get inspired to create responses to what I am seeing, experiencing.  As a keen photographer I record these images to use as a source of inspiration and design. My recent move to the snowy region is seeing me spend more time dyeing fabric particularly with plants from the area.  I have been seduced by the magic of eco printing and am using these fabrics to create pieces referencing my new environment.  You can see my work at


Snowy Landscape:  Eco colour #2

© 2014 Rasa Mauragis
100cm X 40com