Meet Your Representative Diane Harris

Developing my expertise as a quilter since the mid-1980s, I’ve been coming into my own expressive style more recently. My most current works are fabric interpretations of flowers and wildlife based on photographs. My usual work style features “fussy” cut fused raw edge applique, however I’ve has been exploring other means of expression such as enlarging and printing photos on fabric then thread painting them to death! I find my art both challenging and rewarding as I seek new ways to make my work come alive for the viewer.

Growing up in South Florida, I was surrounded by vibrant tropical flowers, vivid sunsets and incredible cloud formations. Being a source of great exhilaration and beauty, my past work reflects these influences through my use of exuberant color.

Moving to rural Northern New Hampshire has changed the palette on my art. While many of NH’s offerings come from a much colder portion of the spectrum, they do provide their own magnificent pleasures. I’ve discovered many native wildflowers growing in the woods surrounding my mountain home which bring a quieter joy to the soul. Various amazing fungi have provided me with a newfound interest and fascination! You can be sure many of these new discoveries will be featured in my future works.

My award winning art and wearables have been included in various quilting books and can be found in private collections. Oyster Mushrooms - Earthy Elegance, my most recent achievement, was created expressly for the National Quilt Museum’s 25th Anniversary exhibit, The Gala of the Unexpected! where it placed third!

Earthly Elegance
Oyster Mushrooms – Earthy Elegance
© 2015 Diane Harris
72 x 60.5