Meet Your Representative Linda Strowbridge

A few years ago, I learned a key life lesson: Leaving your longtime, tranquil home of Atlantic Canada to move to bustling, gritty, downtown Chicago will change your life in ways you cannot predict. 

For me, one of those changes was the birth of a new passion. 

Like so many people who land in Chicago, I suddenly found myself fascinated with architecture – all kinds of architecture from ornate, iconic buildings to bold, modern designs to rusting, crumbling pieces of infrastructure. Around the same time, I also began to learn about the art quilt movement and got to see some of its amazing works. Gradually, it dawned on me that I could put my love of any activity involving a needle and thread (a genetic condition passed down from my mother) to a different use.

I had zero art education. But there were fabric stores, magazines, online resources, occasional classes with outstanding teachers, and, eventually, memberships in SAQA and other groups. After experimenting with art quilting for a while, I realized the subject I wanted to focus on is the built environment. Consequently, I use my art to explore the human spirit and creativity that is infused into city blocks, the beauty of decaying buildings and infrastructure, the plants and wildlife that reclaim urban turf, and the emerging green building movement that is showing us how to live more lightly on the Earth. 

These days, I live in Baltimore, Maryland, work full time as a freelance writer, and savor time spent learning about and making art. 



Redesigning Duckworth

Redesigning Duckworth
 © 2015 Linda Strowbridge
35" x 27"