Meet Your Representative - Sally Westcott (Oceania Region)

I discovered quilting in 2001, by accident, when I was in a very low emotional state.  Immersing myself in textiles kept me sane in an insane environment.  Right from the start I questioned the “rules”.  I don’t think I have ever made a conventional quilt.  In 2005 I made a small pictorial quilt that used non cotton fabrics and fabric paint – I haven’t looked back.  I am always looking for new ideas and techniques to use to express myself. SAQA has given me the opportunity to observe and learn from a group of very talented and sharing artists.

My work is very eclectic...I like to tell stories using fabric, thread and paint. The linking factor are my hand dyed fabrics and threads.  I love surface embellishment. It is so satisfying being able to create the exact fabric I need to a project rather than having to make good with what is available commercially. I also hand dye my own threads for embroidery and beading.

 It has taken me a long time to have the confidence to be “public” with my art.  I am always questioning whether I am good enough.  Being a member of SAQA has given me that confidence and belief that I am good enough. Hopefully, working as a SAQA rep I can help others gain that self-belief.


Daintree Blue
© 2015 Sally Westcott
39 in x 39 in