Meet Your Representative Susan Callahan

My art is inspired by my career as a professional chef. I love making art that mirrors my passion for cooking, teaching and feeding people. Food is a universal element, we all need to eat. Elevating the kitchen and its elements honor the work of those who feed us and the joy of coming to the table.  I try to capture that in my art.

I love to create my own fabric. I want my imagery to reflect my passion and see the beauty in the industrial landscape of a kitchen. I can do that with my hand dyed and printed fabric. I like using commercial fabric to complement, excite and amuse. Adding stitching to the work gives another level of interest when the quilting line is representing forks and spoons, or pots and pans. The addition of paint after quilting can be a thrilling experiment but it must add to the context of the work.

My goal is to engage the viewer and allow them to interpret the work to make the story their own.  I want to create work that is familiar and recognizable but not necessarily illustrative. 


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© 2012 Susan Callahan
30" x 24"