Meet Your Representative Kelly Caldwell


Celebrating the commonness of humanity and the idiosyncrasies that make us individuals.

Everyone loves a good story. Everyone has a unique story. Narratives are important to the continuance of human culture, and, as I recently read, our personal narrative (specifically the story we tell ourselves about our lives) is vital to our mental balance. I explore these goals of narrative and autobiography through storyline representations of the human figure and text-based confessions.

My current body of work exists primarily in fabric and thread. I have been sewing for most of my life and worked for five years in commercial embroidery. The relative slowness and the high degree of precision required by construction in this medium constantly challenge me; however, the tactile nature of the fabrics and the juxtapositions of textures and patterns make the effort well worth it.

Influenced by comix and contemporary graphic artists, such as Art Spiegelman and Chris Ware, as well as text-based feminist artists Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer, I am particularly drawn to the tension that the traditional, feminine, and handicraft nature of quilting and embroidery brings to comic-book narrative and gallery-focused art.

I am currently based in Wallingford CT and earned a B.F.A. from the University of Connecticut in 2003. I am also the founder and creative director of Fruit Salad Studios, an enterprise that promotes and encourages up-and-coming artists and other creatives through design, marketing and motivational support.

Winter Drift

Winter Drift
© 2014 Kelly Caldwell
9" x 7"