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Refer a Friend!

Refer a Friend -  and you get benefits too!

YOU are a valued member of SAQA. We love hearing your feedback, seeing your art and following your creative process. We're here to help you along. Bet you have friends who would love SAQA as much as you do.

Let them see how our community of artists, our Journal, website, webinars and other resources can help get them to the next level.

How do I benefit?

Well, aside from giving friends a golden heads-up on SAQA services and opportunities, you will receive a reward point for each referral when your friend joins. Each reward point is worth $10 and can be used for membership renewals, store discounts and more!

By expanding the network of supporters, you also help ensure the financial viability of our organization. We want to continue offering traveling exhibitions, publications and make professional development for our members even more rewarding.



Sounds great, how do I start?

Send your friends to to find out more about SAQA. Be sure to tell them to include your name in the Referral field when joining so you can get the credit you deserve!

Here are some other ideas:

SAQA is ready to help you with membership brochures, presentations, promotional materials or even door prizes for a drawing at your presentation. Contact us at for more details.


How do I get the referral credit?

First, your friend MUST include your full name when they complete the new member application form. Otherwise, we might not be able to figure out who you are!


Referral Name

Each quarter, we will send you an email with instructions on how to use your reward points.

Reward points will continue to accumulate until YOU decide to cash them in (discounts will NOT be applied automatically).

Here are some current redemption options:

 2  - $20 off membership renewal or store order
 3  - Free Reward Product from SAQA Store more details »
 4  - $40 off membership renewal, store order, or event registration (SAQA Call for Entry)
 7  - FREE one year Artist/Associate Membership (for you or a lucky friend)
10  - $100 off membership renewal, store order, or Conference registration

Where can I see my Reward Points?

To view your current reward points total, you will need to login to your mySAQA account and select the option to Manage your Account. The Reward Point section is located at the bottom.You can also email us at

Reward points are only entered at the beginning of each month and will not appear automatically when your friend joins. Reward points do not expire. The balance is only depleted at redemption time.


How do I redeem my Reward Points?

Points can only be redeemed at the levels noted above. You must submit a Reward Points Redemption request to let us know how to apply your points (membership renewal, store discount, free Reward item, or event registration).

You can submit your request for Reward Point redemption on the Manage your Account screen in mySAQA or via this link (login to mySAQA is required). Or, feel free to contact us directly at

Once your redemption is processed (usually within one day), your discount will apply automatically the next time you renew your membership or place a store order. 


How do I become a STAR Recruiter?

The three top recruiters as of September 2017 were awarded these fabulous prize packages donated by our generous sponsors!

Sonja Campbell - a fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics and an Aurifil Thread Suitcase containing 48 large spools of 40wt cotton thread. Each spool holds 1094 yards - that's a lot of quilting! (package valued at $600+)

Julia Graber - a fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics and the last three seasons of Quilting Arts TV on DVD's! (package valued at $300+)

Susanne Jones - a fat quarter bundle from Art Gallery Fabrics and a book of their choice from the SAQA store! (package valued at $150+)

Stay tuned as we prepare for another Membership Drive program!


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