2016 Conference - TableTalk 

What is TableTalk?

TableTalk sessions will be held at the SAQA Conference on Thursday March 31 from 2-5pm in the Balcony Restaurant. Stop by to learn more about the following:

SAQA Exhibition Committee   
The SAQA Exhibition Committee is responsible for managing SAQA exhibitions. Each exhibition begins with brainstorming a theme and concludes when the artwork is returned to its owner. The committee consists of a multi-talented group made up of SAQA volunteers, staff and Board members. The Exhibition Committee is dedicated to promoting the art quilt through exhibitions, providing CV enhancing opportunities for our members and traveling our exhibitions around the world.

If you are interested in being a part of the Exhibition Committee, are curious to learn more about what the committee does, have questions or comments about SAQA exhibitions, please join us at TableTalk in Philadelphia!

SAQA Juried Artist Membership   
Come learn about JAMS! Spend a few minutes hearing about how to become a juried artist member (JAM) or sign up for a 15-minute mini-consult with JAMs coordinator Sharon Bass. A JAM is a member of SAQA who has successfully presented a portfolio of professional quality images and documents to the JAM Review Panel (JRP). This portfolio presents a body of work that represents a singular point of view or signature collection. The artist’s résumé demonstrates a record of juried exhibitions beyond the local. Besides meeting a personal goal of accomplishment, the major benefit for JAMs is the opportunity for exposure in SAQA publications and on its website.

Note that this table will close at 3:45 pm due to another JAM event.

SAQA Mentorship opportunities   
Come learn about SAQA's mentorship program at TableTalk!  The mentorship program is a goal or project-based program of peer mentoring, open to all SAQA members seeking one-on-one mentorship for a period lasting up to twelve months.  It is a terrific opportunity to work one on one with an established professional artist whose experience can help guide and advise you on artistic development (design, critique, voice), statement/resume writing, writing for print publication, business and marketing and more. 

The program is designed for artists at any stage of their career and there is no cost to participate in the program.   Whether you’re interested in being a mentee or a mentor stop by the mentorship table to take with program administrator Sue Bleiweiss who can answer all your questions about the program.

SAQA Special Events Committee   
Are you looking for a fun way to get involved with SAQA and support our annual conference planning activities? Join us at TableTalk to learn more about the Special Events Committee (SEC)!  SEC members plan the SAQA annual conference, including selecting speakers, locations, and topics; work with the staff to identify potential sponsors; and collaborate with other SAQA committees to identify a program that meets member needs and helps attract new members!

SAQA Education Committee   
The Education Committee is responsible for coordinating and implementing information and opportunities to our diverse membership worldwide through activities that currently include our Webinar series, Student Panel and Scholarships for the Annual SAQA Conference, and the development of educational materials to accompany SAQA exhibitions.

In an effort to grow and reach new audiences, we are seeking new members to help conceive of new ways to reach out and meet the needs of our members. If you have innovative ideas and/or like to help put a plan in motion, we need you! Join us a TableTalk to learn more about the Education Committee.

SAQA Volunteer Opportunities   
Volunteers are the lifeblood of SAQA.  This is very much a hands-on, member-driven organization.  SAQA both appreciates and depends on each volunteer to be able to offer the breadth and depth of programming available. We have lots of other volunteer opportunities. Some examples include: Serving on a SAQA Committee; Working at the SAQA Booth at an event near you; Coordinating a SAQA exhibition; and Participating in Regional Activities. Join us at TableTalk if you are interested in volunteering for SAQA!

Fun from A to Z   
Let's collaborate! Like a quilt made of tiny pieces, stitched together with thread... This Table Talk invites you to bring your voice to a conversation on Connection, Community and Creativity, stitched together with respect, humor and love. Thanks for being sewFUNfriends!

Amalia (FUNfromAtoZ) Morusiewicz weaves the story of her life, incorporating the heart of a scientist and hands that sew. She explores themes of time, texture and connectivity. She loves creating art and making connections, and is on a mission to add joy and laughter to our planet one stitch at a time.

Quilting, Stitching, Batting   
Does your quilting serve only to hold together the three layers of your ‘quilt’? Have you explored different threads, batting or stabilizer options? Join Nysha at TableTalk for a discussion about different options for quilting and how those possibilities fit into your style of work.

Nysha is an artist and educator who looks to explore the realm of possibility and to push the boundaries of the technical to expand what a quilt is. As an educator, he strives to help students understand basic techniques and then apply them in a way that defies restrictions and conventions, allowing freedom of expression. Nysha is a Certified Zentangle® Teacher who loves sharing this easy method of creating pattern which not only can increase focus but is just plain fun! Everyone from 8 to 88 can do it!

Creativity Center   
Carole Gary Staples is an award winning textile and fiber artist who has been designing with fabric and fibers creating art for over thirty years. Born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, her artistic training began at a very early age when she was selected to attend the prestigious Tam O’ Shanter art program at Carnegie Mellon University. Her artistic training continued later at the University of Pittsburgh and subsequently at Seton Hill University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. 

Carole’s Creativity Center focuses on the spiritual journey of creating artwork for healing and attracting positive vibes. The Center is intended to be a creative, sharing, learning, positive environment where fiber art blooms and flourishes.

Schweinfurth Gallery   
Join us at TableTalk to learn about the Schweinfurth Art Center's Quilting and Fiber Arts programs. Find out about teaching, exhibiting and learning opportunities. The Schweinfurth Art Center is a non-profit gallery and multi-arts facility located in Auburn, New York, situated in the heart of the Finger Lakes. The Art Center offers five exhibitions each year including it's annual juried Quilts=Art=Quilts exhibit, and other exhibits featuring regional, national and international artist, including fiber artists.

The Art Center offers a wide array of art classes and workshops for children, teens and adults. Leading quilting and fiber arts instructors from around the world teach during Schweinfurth's Quilting by the Lake conference every July and during Studio Schweinfurth surface design and quilting workshops throughout the year. And find out about this summer's upcoming exhibit with the Surface Design Association, Transgressing Traditions, on view June 3 - Aug 21, 2016.

Long Arm Machines   
Some SAQA artists use long-arm machines for quilting, of course, but did you know that some also "build" their tops using the long-arm?  Join Michele and others to understand the benefits of this approach and "push the envelope" on how long-arm machines can do even more for our art


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