2016 Conference - PechaKucha 


PechaKucha (pronounced Pe-cha-ku-cha) is a Japanese presentation format. For the 2016 SAQA Conference, each speaker created a presentation of 20 slides and then spoke about each slide for 20 seconds. This resulted in a fast-paced informative presentation that was six minutes and 40 seconds long.

Look for more details soon about a webinar featuring some of the Conference presenters.


2016 Conference PechaKucha presenters

Martha Sielman

Exciting New Work in Abstract Art Quilts: A Sneak Preview of My New Book
SAQA Executive Director Martha Sielman’s new book, “Art Quilts International: Abstracts and Geometrics,” will be published in late 2016.  It will include work from artists in 19 different countries.  Martha will share their gorgeous artwork with you and to talk about trends in abstract art.

Cindy Friedman

The Shadows
Three time Quilt National artist Cindy Friedman will share her personal fascination with shadows, and how she has spent the last five years making Shadowscapes featuring human figures and their shadows in any given landscape. Shadow reading is part of how our brain makes a fight or flight recognition and how we read volume and mass. It is a representation of a 3D object and has been frequently used as a tool by artists over history.

Amalia Morusiewicz

Permission, Perfection, and Other Fairy Tales
Amalia Morusiewicz AKA FunfromAtoZ shares her epic adventure, to seek permission, embrace imperfection, and make it fun. Now with her Permission Slip and sewFUNfriends, she invites you to “Be You and Be Awesome.”


Breaking the Surface
Wen Redmond will share how to add a new tool box to your art making -  your own photographs! Learn about new surfaces, digital printing and some of Wen's own presentations. She will speak about her upcoming book to be published, on this subject, with C&T Publishing, title to be announced.


Fly Me to the Moon
Susanne Jones will preview The Fly Me to the Moon exhibition, marrying art and science. This celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon walk will be traveling the country for the next four years. Meet some of the stars of the exhibit, artists, and art quilts.

Artist In Defense of Doilies: An Artist’s Relationship to Materials
Alaskan textile artist Amy Meissner has spent a lifetime accepting doilies from highly productive relatives in Sweden, with a nearly equal amount of time jamming them into a trunk and wondering how to jettison them. Not until she began working with vintage textiles in earnest — in both quilt and sculptural form — did she begin to understand the weight of history, emotion and inner voice of the domestic handmade. This talk is part of that journey, with the larger question: as an artist, what is your relationship to your materials?
Headshot Abstraction of Place
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines abstraction as “the act of removing something from a source…a general idea or quality rather than an actual person, object or event.” Heather Pregger will show you how she starts with a photograph, and uses shapes, colors and forms to convey a sense of place. 
Headshot The Healing Quilt
Learn more about the Healing Quilt from Carole Staples. The Healing Quilt focuses on "Forgiveness" and "Freedom" using the art quilt as a medium to work through the process of forgiving.  At the same time, it frees us from negative emotions and energy, by releasing anger, grudges, resentment and guilt.
Headshot So You Want To Make An Instructional DVD? Or Adventures In Looking At Yourself ALOT!
Nysha Oren Nelson will cover topics such as: From the concept through preparation, filming to copying, shipping and marketing the journey of making an instructional DVD. 
Headshot Twenty Ways to Go Further: Exploring Inspiration and Discovery
You’ve reached a dead end, so you think. But wait…there’s more…could that be a path in front of you that just wasn’t visible from where you were first standing? Susan Polansky will share, through work in progress photos, both starting points and detours that helped her continue her creative journey.
Headshot A Walk in the Woods
Last October, Jill Kerttula had the privilege of living and working within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as an artist in residence. This presentation will be a look at both the experience itself, and the resulting photography and art quilts that resulted from her stay.
Misty Cole The Kung Fu of Quilting
Misty Cole with help you find out what kung fu really means and how you can be a kung fu master at quilting or any other endeavor. 
Headshot Quilting Adventures: How Wall Street Made Me A Better Quilter
When Kim Buchmann turned away from her high-flying Wall Street job, she was thankful for the chance to rediscover herself. She never imagined it would lead to owning a quilting related business with her mother, finding her inner artist, and pave the path back to health and happiness.
Headshot 27 quilts in 30 days
Martha Ressler accepted a challenge from her artist friend to join the international 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge. Watch her fast paced progress through 30 days in January, breathlessly completing 27 quilts. Guess what happened to her quilts during that month? They became humorous!
Headshot A Visual "Inspiration Tour" across Fiber Mediums
Marcia Young, editor of Fiber Art Now, will provide a visual feast of what's happening in the fiber world, across the mediums. Get a glimpse into the latest work of weaving, felting, needle work, basketry, and more.  
Headshot What I’ve Learned from Eleven Years of Blogging
Deborah Boschert began blogging on a whim. Lots has changed in eleven years. She’ll share why and how she started and how she continues to keep it fresh and interesting both for herself as a blogger and for her readers. She’ll highlight professional, personal and artistic developments that have resulted from being a blogger.
Headshot How an elementary school principal has influenced SAQA exhibitions worldwide!
Karol Kusmaul will share a true story of how people from a small town in rural Florida can affect the world!  A dramatic story of leadership, confidence, conflict, and persistence - with a happy ending. 
Headshot Living a Creative Life
How does your work life intersect with art? Does your daily routine inspire your work? What motivates you, a mantra, a walk in the woods or a subway ride. Susan Callahan will talk about finding and working with your individual stimulus and creating personal art. 
Headshot An Introduction to “Modern” Art Quilts
As the genre of "modern quilts" begins to coalesce, a small minority of quilters have carved out the intersection of art quilts that are made in the modern aesthetic. Chawne Kimber will review the hallmarks of this aesthetic and examine examples.
Headshot Making textile art with kids……. pass it on!
Diane Melms has taught art to kids in public schools and in small group classes in her home studio. She shares tips to help you inspire the kids in your life to put down the cell phone and make something fun and creative with their hands. Share your passion and pass it on!
Headshot How to Ship Your Art Around the World
SAQA shipping expert Bill Reker will take us through the step by step process of preparing our art for an international journey. He will demystify customs, insurance, and shipping containers.
Headshot Looking for Line
Line is the basic element of design.  It gives shape to concepts and communicates emotion.  Jan Tetzlaff will take us around her neighborhood and the world looking for line.
Headshot The Artist Within
Geri Patterson-Kutras will share her journey down the road to becoming an artist. She will explore her process for cultivating her inner voice and coaxing onto the cloth and into quilts.
Headshot Drawing with fabric - Really!
Kerri Green is going to share her process for art quilt design that will delight you at every corner, curve and intersection. See how she takes skinny fabric strips and draws a configuration that may be used for a single quilt design or for an art series with many variations and interpretations

Thank you to all of our presenters!