Wild Fabrications - Artwork Details 

Art by: Cat Larrea, Susan Carlson, Barbara Yates Beasley, Judith Roderick, Martha Ressler
Wild Fabrication

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Blind As A Bat - Not Quite Blind As A Bat – Not Quite
Holly Altman  • Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
42 x 34 inches - NFS

Fruit bats, with wingspans up to nearly six feet, are the world’s largest bats.  Home is Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia.  They search out fruit and flowers using smell rather than echolocation.  Our mythical bat here adores Elton John, hence the red shades. Blind? Definitely not.

Beauty of the Beasts - Barbara Yates Beasley Beauty of the Beasts
Barbara Yates Beasley Boulder, Colorado, USA
36 x 40 inches - $2100
Available for Purchase

Beauty knows it’s a jungle out there looking for the perfect mate, so she practices her come-hither look.

Who`s Laughing Now - Nora BebeeWho’s Laughing Now
Nora Bebee Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA
30 x 39 inches - NFS

The ancient Legend People were abusing nature. The animals asked the powerful Coyote to confront them. When the People laughed at Coyote, he turned them into stone. The Paiutes say they are the Hoodoos found on the canyon’s edge at Bryce Canyon. (Look for laughter in the sky.)

Ringtailed Pussycat - Sandra BranjordRingtailed Pussycat

Sandra Branjord Sun City, Arizona, USA
58 x 39 inches - $1900
Available for Purchase

This call said to have fun. I DID! I decided to alter the human animal into a pussycat of pure delight and imagination. I not only fabricated the kitty, but I tried to leave a trail for the viewer to join me on that journey.

Polka Dodo - Susan CarlsonPolka Dodo
Susan Carlson Harpswell, Maine, USA
44 x 40 inches - NFS

The dodo lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and was killed off soon after being discovered in the mid-1700’s. My polka-dotted specimen of that bird is proud and self-confident, displaying himself to a world that never had the chance to know him.

Just Horsin` Around -  Phyllis CullenJust Horsin’ Around

Phyllis Cullen Ninole, Hawaii, USA
40 x 38 inches - $4200
Available for Purchase

Threadbare Theater Productions presents:
The kids are havin’ a ball in the Hallowe’en (decidedly low budget) play called “Spooky the Horse Comes to Run the Riffraff Outta Dodge.” Like the props, Spooky’s been fabricated by the kids. 

No Worries! - Jennifer DayNo Worries!
Jennifer Day Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
28 x 37 inches - $3800
Available for Purchase

This silverback gorilla certainly sums up his thoughts about the day by relaxing and sticking his tongue out at a passerby. He does not have a care in the world. With his cocky attitude, this guy brings joy to all who view him.

Carp Windsocks - Giny DixonCarp Windsocks
Giny Dixon Danville, California, USA
42.25 x 32 inches - $600 SOLD

In Japanese culture, the carp symbolizes courage and strength. “Koinobori” (Carp Streamer) is traditionally used to honor a son on Children’s Day, celebrated May 5th.  

Grieving Animal (seen from the back) - Chiaki DoshoGrieving Animal (seen from the back)
Chiaki Dosho  •  Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
40 x 28 inches - $2500
Available for Purchase

Climate change is altering the earth.  All of this abnormal weather makes it seem like the earth is angry. People talk about it, but what about the animals? They must notice and think something. This animal (seen from the back) is in deep grief over climate change.

Boogie Nights - Diana Ferguson Boogie Nights
Diana Ferguson  •  Sweetwater, Tennessee, USA
55 x 33 inches - $1500    SOLD

My work tends to use stylized imagery in a narrative manner. Boogie Nights is a moment captured under the starry sky while the natives dance and the wildlife watches.

The Flower Child - Carol FletcherThe Flower Child
Carol Fletcher  •  Yakima, Washington, USA
36 x 26.5 inches - $750
Available for Purchase

The Flower Child seems a bit disillusioned with the whole hippie era.  Things just did not turn out like he thought they would. My son calls this quilt a cat mash-up. The head belongs to our Maine Coon cat.  The body comes from my son’s Hawaiian cat.

Loony - Linda FrostLoony
Linda Frost  Lawrence, Kansas, USA
36 x 32 inches - NFS

Water fowl seem to navigate sky, land, and sea with great success and little fear. I marvel at their diversity in physical form and lifestyle. Could one admire their ability to adapt too much?

In Her Dreams She Dances - Sonia Grasvik In Her Dreams She Dances
Sonia Grasvik  Burien, Washington, USA
43.5 x 37 inches - $2000    SOLD

She closes her big eyes and glides across the floor in a perfect “quick step.” Graceful and lovely, she clutches her partner tightly to her bosom. Whoops! Another feller falls victim to her deadly embrace. Oh well, all this dancing has made her hungry. Snack time!

Humans Taste Like Chicken - Jim Hay Humans Taste Like Chicken
Jim Hay  •  Takasaki, Gunma, Japan
60 x 39 inches - $3900
Available for Purchase

People taste good. Good for you too.
Fry some tonight or put ‘em in a stew.
Bears sleep tight the long winter through.
Tummies full of good people stew.
Humans eat chickens, pigs and fishes.
Turn the tables on those dishes.
How would you like it, what would you do?
If animals say,

What Happens in the Swamp? - Christine HoldenWhat Happens in the Swamp?
Christine Holden   •  Sarasota, Florida, USA
30.5 x 25.75 inches - NFS

What “wild” things happen in the swamp when no one is watching?  I imagined an alligator and an egret surreptitiously hanging out among the lily pads while a passing turtle gets quite a surprise.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog - Jan HolzbauerRed-Eyed Tree Frog
Jan Holzbauer   •  Jennings, Oklahoma, USA
24 x 24 inches - NFS

I love the acronym FROG: Fully Rely On God.  I collect frogs—frog brooches, figurines, etc.  Each time I see one I am reminded to Fully Rely On God.  I wear a frog brooch on my coat lapel, have one on the visor of my car (where I really rely on God!) and have them all over my house.  So this red-eyed tree frog really needed to be created to live with my other frogs.

Murder of Crows - Jill Kerttula Murder of Crows
Jill Kerttula   •  Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
31 x 24 inches - $987
Available for Purchase

Murder of Crows is the result of my being too early for a meeting! I spent my time watching and photographing a group of crows outside the building. These images were then combined, printed onto fabric, stitched—by hand and machine—and embellished to enhance the birds’ action and mood.

It`s Not Easy Being Green -  Melisse LaingIt’s Not Easy Being Green
Melisse Laing   •  Battle Ground, Washington, USA
29 x 30 inches - $1100
Available for Purchase

The red-eyed tree frog is a rain-forest amphibian that sleeps by day. When disturbed, it flashes its bulging red eyes.

Now You See Him... Cat LarreaNow You See Him...

Cat Larrea •  Anchorage, Alaska, USA
56 x 40 inches - $3000   SOLD

Arctic sea ice provides access to seals and is the main hunting environment for polar bears. With the shrinking of the polar ice cap and a notable reduction in his prime habitat, the risk alluded to in the title is “Now you see him ... now you don’t!”


29 / 38 The Shores of Atlantis: Green and Gold - Barbara MartinsonThe Shores of Atlantis: Green and Gold
Barbara Martinson  •  Roseville, Minnesota, USA
19.5 x 37 inches - NFS

My fascination with creating a sense of water and movement led to this exploration of ancient sea creatures.

The Shores of Atlantis: Blue and Orange - Barbara MartinsonThe Shores of Atlantis: Blue and Orange
Barbara Martinson  •  Roseville, Minnesota, USA
21.5 x 20.5 inches - NFS

Renderings of ancient sea creatures have an exotic and whimsical appeal. I wanted to achieve the sense of an underwater kingdom conveyed by light and movement.

Green-footed Dreamwalker - Maura McLaughlin   Green-footed Dreamwalker
Maura McLaughlin  •  Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA
20 x 19 inches - NFS

Inspired by the aboriginal fabrics in this piece, I created an imagined dreamwalker. I call my series of critters “Wollipogs.”

Oaken Alligator - Judy MomenzadehOaken Alligator
Judy Momenzadeh •  Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
35 x 27.5 inches - $975
Available for Purchase

The mysterious, natural beauty of the southern Louisiana swamplands is a continual inspiration to all who live here. Its primal beauty is apparent in every season. The place where a branch was removed from an oak tree becomes the eye of an alligator, both ancient inhabitants in the swamp. 

A Quiet Morning on Papagayo - Ann Myhre A Quiet Morning on Papagayo
Ann Myhre Centennial, Colorado, USA
33 x 39.5 inches - $1200
Available for Purchase

We happened upon this beautiful white crane while on a bird watch in Costa Rica.  We watched quietly while he crept through the mangrove swamp, seemingly unaware of his audience. 

Gifts From China - Ann MyhreGifts From China
Ann Myhre Centennial, Colorado, USA
23.5 x 30.5 inches - $1500    SOLD

I was inspired by a photo I took of the Lady Amherst’s Pheasant at the Wildlife World Zoo in Arizona. I enjoyed using yarns, paints and fabrics to create the individual feathers.

How Funky is Your Chicken? Judith PetersonHow Funky is Your Chicken?
Judith Peterson •  Eugene, Oregon, USA
33 x 30.5 inches - $1,485
Available for Purchase

There are endless opportunities in commercial fabrics. Starting with yellow fabric from Kaffe Fassett’s Iris and Peony collection, plus the addition of only two other fabrics, cut into over 500 pieces and then reassembled, I created a rooster with an attitude. A real character in our barnyard.

Yellow-headed Blackbird - Sandra Poteet Yellow-headed Blackbird
Sandra Poteet Grass Valley, California, USA
40 x 36 inches - $800
Available for Purchase

Gorgeous brilliant yellow and shiny black amongst the wetland cattails, his call is a rich croak. 

Cat and Mouse Game - Martha Ressler Cat and Mouse Game
Martha Ressler •  Hamburg, Pennsylvania, USA
20.25 x 28.5 inches - $990
Available for Purchase

The head of a cat and the body of a mouse on a crazy, trashy background of used lottery tickets and junk food boxes. What fun! Wanna buy a lottery ticket anyone? More losing tickets for me to dumpster-dive for.

Two Creatures - Judith Roderick  Two Creatures
Judith Roderick Placitas, New Mexico, USA
32 x 40 inches - $1500
Available for Purchase

It was a delight to play with my green hand-painted silk scraps and black silk to create these Two Creatures.  Their design is yin/yang, equal foreground and background.

The Blue Eyed Beast - Sharon Rossi The Blue Eyed Beast
Sharon Rossi Clovis, California, USA
35 x 37 inches - $300
Available for Purchase

A mythical beast for modern times, this Blue-Eyed Beast is an environmental protector presented in a grand manner, in an illuminated Latin manuscript. Historically, illuminated manuscripts were created by an educated class when the ruling class and general population was illiterate. The Beast is a child-animal, protector of the forest, protecting the environment—essentially  communicating with people who cannot read his message. 

El Zorro - Jodi ScaltretoEl Zorro
Jodi Scaltreto •  Hillsboro, New Hampshire, USA
27 x 32 inches - NFS

Living in New Hampshire, I often see fox, deer, and other wild creatures right in my own backyard. I enjoy thread painting animals wild or domestic. 

Can We Save the Whooping Cranes? - Sara SharpCan We Save the Whooping Cranes?
Sara Sharp •  Austin, Texas, USA
58 x 40 inches - NFS

Whooping cranes are endangered by drought and poor water management, which causes increased salination in coastal wetlands. On the left we see the results of adequate river inflow, while the right shows the scenario if we mismanage our resources and wildlife, seeing only the “ghosts” of these birds in the future. 

The Last White Rhino - Lou Ann SmithThe Last White Rhino
Lou Ann Smith •  Goleta, California, USA
51 x 39 inches - $3800
Available for Purchase

I made a ceramic rhinoceros when I was young, but had no time to add legs. The rhino body crumbled to dust waiting for its legs, a loss I still feel. If the few white rhinos remaining in the wild disappear, we will all feel the loss. 

Red Fox, Blue Fox - Kate ThemelRed Fox, Blue Fox
Kate Themel •  Cheshire, Connecticut, USA
24 x 18 inches - SOLD

How a mixed-up box of crayons might view the North American Red Fox.

The Kiss -  Maggie VanderweitThe Kiss
Maggie Vanderweit •  Fergus, Ontario, Canada
26 x 26 inches - $500
Available for Purchase

During an incredible trip to South Africa in 2014, I was fortunate to take photos of animals in their natural habitats. They seemed surprisingly comfortable with humans nearby. On safari we saw giraffes, zebras, and ostriches. Near Cape Town I caught an adorable pair of African penguins in an affectionate embrace.

It`s a Jungle Out There - Mary VaneeckeIt’s a Jungle Out There
Mary Vaneecke •  Tucson, Arizona, USA
53 x 33 inches - $1500
Available for Purchase

I wanted to apply the 3-D techniques outlined in my book to a jungle theme.  The fun background fabric inspired the leaves, flowers, and monkey.

The Long Necked Cats and the Long Legged Bird - Kathy YorkThe Long Necked Cats and the Long Legged Bird
Kathy York •  Austin, Texas, USA
40 x 40 inches - $2500
Available for Purchase

A whimsical take on cats and their many personalities, as evidenced by the combination of fabrics in their bodies. The humor is that they think it is the long legged bird that is unusual!  Well, of course, they are right.

Exotic Birds 3 - Ita Ziv Exotic Birds 3
Ita Ziv •  Pardes-Hana, Israel
17.25 x 15.5 inches - $300 SOLD

The amazing colors found in ethnic paintings of South America were my inspiration to create the Exotic Birds series.