Meet Your Representative Ellen Lindner

A former flight instructor, Ellen Lindner didn’t try her hand at art until her forties.  As she began to explore this new interest, reading, observing, and experimenting became her teachers. 

Her work is often inspired by the tropical plants in her Florida neighborhood.  She enjoys portraying their vibrant colors and dramatic shapes with her own fabric collage technique.  Ellen has recently begun using this same technique to depict favorite family photos.

She enjoys showing her fabric collages, both in quilt venues and in mainstream art arenas.  She often participates in juried shows and has won quite a few awards throughout the country.

Now using her teaching skills at a lower altitude, she teaches a variety of classes, both in person and via her website, .  Ellen has also written several articles and two eBooks.

She says, “I consider making art to be an adventure:  one filled with challenges, joys, frustrations, and surges of adrenalin.” 

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Carefree Cows


© 2014 Ellen Lindner

51” x 33.5”