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mysaqa login

mySAQA login

Enter login name and password (1) associated with your mySAQA account. These fields ARE case sensitive! Note that you can opt to remain logged in for up to two weeks.

If you have forgotten your login name or experience problems, select Get Help (2). Enter the email address associated with your SAQA account and instructions will be emailed to you. Do not forward this email to anyone else - the link is only specific to you and your email address. 

Forgot Password

Please don't create a new account (3) from the login screen if you are an existing member. This will create a duplicate record that is not related to your existing membership at all. We do periodically review the database for duplicate records and can merge records. However, this does take time and resources.


If you have any problems, please contact us at

How to Renew your Membership

1. Login to 
2. Select View/Renew Memberships under Account Options.
3. Click on the link to Renew Now and proceed with the transaction.

You can also watch this quick video for more details.

Prefer to mail your membership application?  Download print version


main login screen

Once you log in to mySAQA, you will see the main login screen. The shortcut menu is located in the top right (1) - this menu will display throughout mySAQA. An option to return to the main login screen is on this menu. 

Your current membership status will display in the upper left (2). You can renew your membership or modify your auto-renewal settings.

Auto-Renewal: At the end of your current term, your membership will automatically renew. An email reminder will be sent a few days before this occurs. You will need to keep a valid credit card number on file.

On the mySAQA login screen, you can also find links to different account functions (3). More information is listed below.

Note: Anytime you select an option that you do not have access to, a message will display. This message will also display when your membership has lapsed and you attempt to view members-only content.


Main Login ScreenShortcut Menu Shortcut Menu




manage your account

Here is where you can update your contact information (name, address, etc.) as well as upload a profile picture for your account (subject to approval). This picture will display in the Membership Directory.

Region / Region 2
Depending on your location, you are assigned to a particular region. You will receive emails with regional information from your Regional Reps.  If you are not sure which region you are in, please contact

While each group is different, some of the opportunities available include regional exhibitions, trunk shows, educational workshops, monthly meetings, and more!

You can also select a second region if you want to receive communications from that region as well. You are also eligible to enter regional exhibitions for that region as well.

Journal Delivery:
The SAQA Journal is published four times a year. If you prefer NOT to receive the Journal in the mail, you can opt to have an email sent to you when the digital version is available.

Back issues of SAQA Journal are available online in the Member Resources section.

Share Informaton with other Organizations
On occasion, SAQA will share our member list with other arts organizations. Selecting YES will allow you to receive information on various opportunities.

Newsletter Preferences
Here you can opt to receive different email communications. Note that members will also receive the monthly e.Bulletin and weekly e.Blasts.


SAQA Account Options



specific features

View Membership Details

From within your mySAQA account, you have the ability to view more details about your SAQA memberships. You can also renew directly from this screen and set up auto renewal.

Membership Details

NOTE: Be aware that any data that was converted from our previous system may not be accurate due to the differences between the two systems (payment method, etc.). Your renewal date has remained the same and is correct. If you have any questions about your membership, please contact

Donation History

You can view a history of the donations you have made to SAQA (and print out details for your records). You can also Make a Donation and set up a recurring donation.  


Store Order Tracking

You also have the abilty to view and track any store orders that you place. When your order is processed, you will receive an email notification which willl contain tracking details (if applicable).


Membership Directory

The membership directory is provided as a convenience for SAQA members. Use of the directory is limited to official SAQA business and personal use only. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited. Only current members have access to the Membership Directory.

You do have the option to remove your listing from this directory or edit the information that is displayed in the detail screen. NOTE: Updating the contact information that is displayed in the directory will NOT update your SAQA account information. It is ONLY for display purposes.

You can filter the directory results by Region and/or Last Name. Select the RESET button to clear your filters. We also offer an expanded directory with additional filters.



If you use multiple filters, the results will need to match ALL the filters used. It is NOT an either/or selection.



To find members who have selected your region either as a primary or secondary, you will need to run TWO different searches. Be sure to select the RESET button in between each search. 


To find members in your Region:

Region: select Equal as your filter (1st field) and your region from the second field. Press Search.

To find members who have your Region as their Secondary region:

Region2: select Equal as your filter (1st field) and your region from the second field.Press Search.