Meet Your Representative (AZ) Janet Windsor

I graduated from Scripps College in Claremont, California with a degree in painting & weaving. I had a long career as a graphic designer in Cincinnati. After retiring to The Sea Ranch on the north Sonoma coast of California, I have recently moved to Tucson where I'm is pursuing my love of fiber art. Sewing since I was twelve, I combine my graphic design skills with stitching in my pieces. I almost always begin with photographs. I comb through them looking for colors and color combinations. The subject of the photos is not necessarily what the piece will be about. Sometimes it is just about color and form. Although most of the time I look for photos which present the images I’m hoping to convey. My latest works are stitched, quilted and stretched on frames.

Night train

Night Train to Chiang Mai

© 2013 Janet Windsor

48" x 25"