Meet Your Representative (OH) Carole Staples

I have a creative soul and have always loved fabric. As far back as I can remember I have created art. I love the creative process by which concepts materialize into tangible and meaningful works of art. I was seduced by fabric and sewing decades ago and it has been my first love ever since. Fabric has led me down many different roads, all of which converged to forge my evolution into a textile artist and art quilter. I create art quilts to tell a story and process feelings that are unique and personal when viewed by audiences. 

My artistic style is very organic. It incorporates natural elements such as natural fabrics, natural fibers, papers, sticks, shells and plant life. My pieces largely consist of 100% cotton fabrics precisely pieced together and embellished to create an image. My pieces generally have a literal presentation, but are figurative in their interpretation, which is done intentionally to evoke emotions and especially feelings of spirituality. 



© 2011 Carole Staples

16" x 14"