Currents Call for Entry (SAQA Members in MA/RI only)

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Exhibit Concept:

Water: that transparent fluid that falls from the sky and makes up our streams, lakes and oceans and covers 71% of the earths surface.  It is an essential component for all life forms on earth and plays a significant role in our lives every day providing us with drinking and cooking water, agricultural irrigation and water to wash ourselves and clothing.  Rivers and oceans provide us a way to transport items all over the world, generate power using hydroelectricity and water and steam are used as a way to provide cooling and heating as well as a way to extinguish fire. 

While it can also be a source of recreational pursuits such as swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, ice skating and skiing, it can also be a powerful source of destruction causing landslides, floods, tsunami’s, hurricanes, avalanches and cyclones.  Just as too much of it can be destructive, so can too little, causing droughts that spark wildfires and poor crop growing conditions which impact food supply. 

Works considered for inclusion in this exhibit will be judged based on originality, design, technique and craftsmanship. 

All members of SAQA MA/RI region are invited to apply.

Work must be able to travel from August 2016 to December 2017.

Premier location:
Brush Art Gallery & Studios Lowell MA

Additional venues:
More venues may be added.  Artists will be notified of any additional venues

Diane Wright website
Kate Themel website

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Artist must be a SAQA member of the MA/RI region to enter.  If MA or RI is your second region you are also welcome to enter.

Consideration is by digital images only (directions below).
Artist may submit up to three (3)works.  Size restrictions are as follows:

Wall pieces:
Height: at least 12” but no more than 48”
Width: at least 12” but no more than 36”
Minimum size accepted will be 12” x 12”

Depth: piece must not extend from the wall more than six inches
 (Height=vertical dimension and Width=horizontal dimension).
Wall hung pieces, whether flat or dimensional, must hang from a standard four inch rod pocket sewn to the back of the work and weigh no more than six pounds. 

In the case of work that is mounted to stretcher bars or stretched canvas: you will be required to submit an additional photo for the jurying process.  The third photo will have to be of the side and corner of the work so that the jurors can see how the edges and corner are finished.  You will also be required to install a wire hanging system on the back so that the work can be easily hung.  The wire should be installed so that it does not show above the work when it’s hanging and that it hangs flat against the wall.

Please follow the requirements in the call for entry carefully. The requirements are specific to each show depending on the size of the venue, the available shipping container, and the particulars of the chosen theme.  If your submission doesn't fit the parameters, it will not be accepted to the exhibition.

All submitted pieces must meet the size requirements in the prospectus; any accepted works that deviate from these parameters will be rejected and returned to the artist at the artist’s expense.

Artwork must meet the SAQA definition of an art quilt: The art quilt is a creative visual work that is layered and stitched or that references this form of stitched layered structure.

Quilts must have been completed after 2014.
Quilts must be in pristine condition and be show ready.
Quilts with pre-programmed computerized machine quilting are not eligible.
Quilts made or derived from kits, workshops, classes or commercial patterns are not eligible.

All work must include a label securely fastened on the back with the artist’s name and contact information, as well as the title of the work and the completion date.

Artists are responsible for shipping and insurance of accepted works to Sue Bleiweiss’s home in Pepperell MA where they will be stored until delivered in person to exhibiting venues.   Artists will also be responsible for shipping and insurance for returning artwork back to the artist when the exhibition is over.  Arrangements can also be made if you would prefer to hand deliver or pick up your artwork through Sue Bleiweiss.

Artwork MAY be for sale:
The Brush Gallery prefers but does not mandate that work be for sale.  The Brush Gallery will charge a 40% commission on all sales unless you are a member of the Brush Gallery in which case they will take 30%.

Other exhibiting venues may also charge a commission and you will be notified of those commission charges in advance of pricing your work for those venues.

Work MUST be available to travel through December, 2017. Travel details to follow as venues are arranged.  It is the policy of SAQA that once work is accepted, it cannot be withdrawn for any reason until the end of the run unless it is sold at one of the exhibiting venues.

By submitting your work for review, you confirm that you will adhere to all the above.

October 2014: announce call for entries
April 1, 2016: online entries open
April 30, 2016: Online entry deadline at 11:59 EST
May 31, 2016: notification of acceptance (all notifications will be sent by email)
June 12, 2016: images sent to Sue Bleiweiss for inclusion in the catalog (if funding permits)
June 30, 2016: artwork to be RECEIVED by Sue Bleiweiss (details to be given upon acceptance)
August 7, 2016 exhibition opens at the Brush Gallery in Lowell MA
August 7, 2016: artist reception at Brush Gallery in Lowell MA (note this date is subject to change)
September 18, 2016: exhibition closes at Brush Gallery in Lowell MA

October 2016: Artwork is returned to artists unless additional exhibiting venues have been booked.

Checklist of what you will need to provide:
Artist Information: (the name you list is the name by which your work will be exhibited; spelling and capitalization will be reproduced in the same way that you enter them)
Artist’s First Name:
Artist’s Last Name:
Address (street):
City/Postal Code/Country:
Phone (include country code):

Information about each piece:
Artist name:


Statement of 200 words or less. SAQA reserves the right to edit statements to fit the space allotted: What was the inspiration behind your quilt?
Size: height x width x depth, in inches

Materials: (25 words or less)

Techniques (25 words or less)
Photo credit (if photo is not by the artist)

Digital Image submission guidelines:  Failure to comply with the digital image submission guidelines may result in the rejection of your submission! 

Submit one overall DIGITAL image and one detail DIGITAL image for each piece of artwork in the portfolio.  Save your digital images as a high quality JPEG files. (No TIFF files).  Finished image should be 1800 pixels on the longest side.  If your work is mounted to stretcher bars or stretched canvas: you will be required to submit an additional photo for the jurying process.  The third photo will have to be of the side and corner of the work so that the jurors can see how the edges and corner are finished. 

Special Note:  We encourage you to send the best photos you can.  Remember that the images you send are the only representations of your work the jurors will see when considering your entry.  Photos should be in sharp focus, showing all edges of the art quilt, well lit, with correct color and no distortions. 

Catalog images: Artists whose work is accepted for the exhibit will be asked to provide additional digital images of their work suitable for print media.  Specification for these images will be sent with acceptance notices.

You will be asked to agree with these Terms and Conditions:
I agree to loan my artwork to Studio Art Quit Associates, Inc. I understand that the cost of insuring and shipping my artwork to Sue Bleiweiss in Pepperell MA as well as the cost for insuring and shipping my artwork back to me at the end of the exhibit are my responsibility.  I further agree to permit the images or detail images and/or all or part of my artist statement to be used in the exhibition catalog, articles, ads, promotions, books, websites, blogs CDs, current event news coverage, television productions, and/or multi-media productions for and about the exhibit or for and about the shows at which the exhibit may be seen.

$40 entry fee for up to three entries.  Members must pay their fees using a credit card (MC, Visa or Amex) or paypal through the SAQA Store. Fee must be paid before entry deadline listed above.

More information: For questions about the exhibit contact Sue Bleiweiss at