Meet Your Representative (MI) Ann Marie Jacob

I learned to sew as a very young girl. I was one of eight granddaughters. My grandmother attended a school where only French was spoken and where skills such as sewing and cooking were emphasized. She believed, as she was taught, that every young lady should be able to sew well. She taught me embroidery, basic weaving, mending and enough sewing to enable me to make clothing.   The other seven granddaughters were not interested and this became a wonderful way for me to spend one on one time with my grandmother. Today I create quilts and other layered fabric pieces such as table clothes and table runners.  I prefer to work with thiox and high quality black cotton fabric.

My formal education is in Interior Design and this is appropriate since I have always loved textiles.  I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Wayne State University and received my Master of Arts degree from Northwestern State University of Louisiana majoring in textiles.

My work tends to be fairly large in scale and may include some metal and wood.  Most of my work is with fabric that I process myself and not much with commercial fabrics.  Since I reside in Michigan, I tend to dye fabric or treat it with thiox outside in the warmer months then assemble in the winter. Once “inside work” begins, cut fabrics are laid out for several weeks in a room I am sure to spend time in each day.  I stop to look over the arrangement, move pieces or change them out completely.  Once the base design is accomplished and assembled, I go on to think about the border and stitch pattern. I am always looking at yarns and threads and use embroidery with unusual materials to embellish and quilt my pieces. The imagery is abstract due to the unpredictability of the dyeing and bleaching process.  The back layer of my quilts are done with fabric I have dyed also so both front and back are interesting.

Pojagi II
Pojagi II
© 2011 Ann Marie Jacob
34" x 28"