SAQA Mentorship Webinars 


Multiple times throughout the year, the SAQA Education Committee offers a series of on-line discussions called Mentorship Webinars that serve to educate and inspire our members. Previously, these webinars were held "live" on a particular date and time and include a Q&A session. Recorded versions were then made available in our website archives (login to mySAQA is required to view recordings).

Presentations are now pre-recorded ahead of time with a follow-up live Q&A session then scheduled for a later date. This new format provides greater flexibility for our members - you can watch the video on your own schedule PLUS there is more time to ask questions and discuss the topic. Please do read the FAQs below as some of the information has changed.

Webinar Recordings

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a future webinar topic, please email

recent webinar  

Webinar with Brenda Gael SmithSolo Exhibitions: Tips & Insights 
Presented by Brenda Gael Smith

Brenda Gael Smith shares her experience in putting together solo exhibitions including asking Why? What? Where? and How? She’ll also share experiences from other SAQA members including Helen Conway, Maryte Collard, and Sheila Frampton Cooper.

Brenda will talk about scheduling, checklists, planning, marketing, and communications.This information is instructive and inspiring for any art quilter whether sharing artwork at a local library or a big city gallery.


Available in the Webinar archives (login required)

Learn more about new trends in textile artwork and the art quilt movement with Susan Else. In this online video, Susan looks at her own work to see how it resonates with other work by contemporary art quilters and with the broader textile scene. 

Interested in adding another dimension to your artwork? Want to learn more about creating 3D pieces? Then watch Betty Busby as she offers helpful advice on creating and shipping 3D artwork. Using examples of her own artwork, Betty shares her experiences and provides valuable tips.

Vicki Krohn Amorose is an artist, writer, performer and arts advocate who teaches artists writing and presentation skills. Learn more from an expert who has helped many artists feel more comfortable expressing themselves in words.

Three award winning SAQA artists: Dianne Firth, Sue Dennis and Judy Hooworth share insights on incorporating their native Australian landscape in outstanding art quilts. Each artist covered their individual process of viewing landscape and transitioning their thoughts into pieces of art.

Lyric Kinard shares tips and experiences from her years on the teaching circuit. She covers everything from communicating with guilds, developing exciting workshops, arranging travel and lodging, inspiring students, and selling products as part of your teaching business.

Juried Artist Member panelists Sue Bleiweiss, Lorie McCown and Judy Kirpich discussed their experiences working in a series while using their art to support their points of view.

Lightning Talks (formerly Pecha Kucha) talks were a huge hit at the Philadelphia SAQA Conference. Each Lightning Talk includes 20 images in about six and a half minutes. You’ll hear about everything from travel inspiration, vintage linens, creative kids, pattern making and self confidence. Participants include SAQA members Amy Meissner, Cindy Friedman, Diane Melms, Carole Staples, Jill Kerttula, Geri Patterson-Kutras and Jan Tetzlaff. 

This webinar included three international SAQA members - Brenda Gael Smith, Jenny Bowker and Charlotte Scott - sharing their art quilts and discussing how their creative lives are influenced by the places they live. This webinar is an outstanding opportunity to learn about some of SAQA’s international members and be inspired by these talented art quilters.

Do you want to know how YOUR ART can travel the world? Are you curious about how we develop exhibition themes? Members of the SAQA Exhibition Committee share their experience on the who, what and where of what it takes to manage a SAQA exhibition from developing the concept to returning the artwork at the exhibition's end. Panelists include Gwyned Trefethen, Anne Hiemstra, Bill Reker and Betty Busby.

Maria Shell’s webinar touched on several topics including doing the work, networking, applying and following through. Take a look at Maria’s art work and read her blog to get an idea of her vision and experience.

Webinar Recordings

What is a Webinar?
Short for Web-based seminar, a webinar is a presentation, lecture, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Web using video conferencing software. A key feature of a Webinar is its interactive elements: the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time.

For 2018, the live webinar format has been changed to include a pre-recorded video paired with a separate live Q&A session using the Zoom videoconference platform. 

How do I find out about upcoming Mentorship Webinars?
When a SAQA Mentorship webinar is scheduled, it will be announced in the weekly SAQA emails and listed on our News and Events page. 

What happens when I register?
Once you register for a Webinar, you will receive an email with instructions. It will contain a link that will be active at the designated time.
Not applicable for pre-recorded webinars - registration is not required.

How do I join the Webinar?
SAQA Webinars are held using Zoom videoconferencing software.
Connection information will be included on the webinar detail page.

Zoom can be used with all types of devices. The first time you access Zoom, you will be prompted to download an application. If you aren't familiar with Zoom, please do review our FAQ page first. We are not able to provide technical support to individuals once the webinar / video meeting starts.

Note that the live Q&A sessions DO allow for participants to be on video as well as the presenters. If you do NOT want to be recorded, you will be asked to turn off your video. If you are not asking a question, we do also ask that you stay muted to minimize background noise.

What if I am not at my computer?
If you are not able to join via computer (or tablet or phone), the instructions do include call-in numbers. You will still be able to listen to the presentations. 

How can I ask questions?
Depending on the type of webinar, attendees can ask questions via a chat window or by raising your hand. When it is your turn, an organizer will unmute you so you can ask your question. Please ensure that background noise is kept at a minimum - use a headset and microphone if you have one.

How can I access the recorded versions?
Webinars are posted online once they are processed and reviewed (this may take up to a week). These recordings are only available to current SAQA members and can be accessed via this link

Note that login to mySAQA is required to view the recordings. If you have forgetten your password, enter your email address on the Get Help screen to request a password reset.

These recordings were made in various formats over a period of years.  Some are audio only, while others play in both audio and video. Most are approximately 60 minutes long. The files are very large and may take several minutes to download. SAQA has made these available to the best of our ability; make sure your media player software is up-to-date on your computer.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a future webinar topic, please email