Meet Your Representative (KY/TN) Sharon Buck

I believe that in working with textiles, we art quilters have it all. Gorgeous immediacy of color, ready to be switched around and manipulated until it is just the way we want it. And luscious texture of fabric and thread, trims and beads; something for the eye and the hand.

 When I am ready to start a quilt, I begin with fabric I have hand-dyed and piece, appliqué and fuse more fabrics of all genres depending on the effect I am looking to achieve.  I use my own fabrics, re-purposed clothing, purchased fabric and all sorts of trims. I draw shapes free hand with my domestic sewing machine and quilt as needed. 

 My inspiration comes from nature; landscapes, plants and animals. I take lots of photos in addition to sketching and painting. I enjoy two vastly different environments, tropical Florida and the unique rain forest of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. 

 Inspirations and spiritual mentors for me include Georgia O’Keeffe, Paul Gauguin, and David Hockney. My favorite fabric designer is Kaffe Fassett and his books are like ice cream cones for your imagination.


What the Butterfly Sees

What the Butterflies See

© 2013 Sharon Buck

44" x 40"