Meet Your Representative Leotie Richards

Leotie Richards

OR Regional Co-Representative

Leotie Richards became enamored with textiles while working as an Art Director for a major retail chain. In off hours she began to sew wall hangings without much knowledge of modern quilting techniques. After twenty years designing graphics and textiles for retail stores, she retired to Sisters Oregon and found many opportunities to continue her work with fabric. She found that her graphic design skills could be readily applied to art quilting. Studying intently for more than a year at The Stitching Post, she became adroit with various fabrication techniques and began to experience a high degree of joy in her creative process with textiles. Leotie currently plans to continue to participate in various quilt challenges through the end of 2013; in 2014 she looks forward to designing and assembling a series of art quilts that will be a very personal expression of her views on life. Leotie has been active in several quilt guilds in Central Oregon and now welcomes the opportunity to focus both her artistic and organizational skills as a rep for SAQA.



© 2013 Leotie Richards

43" x 30"