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Meet Your Board Marvin Fletcher

My interest in art quilts can be traced to events that occurred at the Dairy Barn Southeastern Ohio Cultural Arts Center. In 1979 my late wife, Hilary Morrow Fletcher, went to the Barn to see a show, entitled Quilt National. She was amazed and intrigued by what she saw there. I soon became amazed and intrigued as well. In the next years, as she became more involved with the Dairy Barn and Quilt National, so did I. In 1982 Hilary became the project manager of Quilt National and I volunteered in a variety of ways, including assisting with the jury process every other year and helping to host the artist party during the QN opening. In 1985 I purchased my first quilt, “Flowerseed Farm” by Holly Junker, as an anniversary present. Having taken that first step, it was easy to add an additional quilt or two or three. Over the years, as the collection slowly grew, we chose quilts that we both liked and were able to hang on our walls. Soon we remodeled the house to create more spaces to hang quilts.

As the years went by, as Hilary and I traveled around the United States and then abroad, we visited galleries and shows, both to help promote Quilt National and to buy new quilts. I had the privilege of meeting quilters from all over the country. Even after Hilary’s death in 2006, I have continued to be involved with the Dairy Barn, Quilt National, and the art quilt world, including continuing to collect. Our collection has been exhibited in a number of venues, including the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles and the Textile Museum in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

I taught American history at Ohio University since 1968 and am now retired. However, I continue to teach part time as well as travel, visit my children and grandchildren and work on my stamp collection. I look forward to working with other members of the SAQA board and hope that I can contribute something to help promote this great medium and the wonderful people who make these great art objects.