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Meet Your Representative Pat Kroth

Pat Kroth

Illinois & Wisconsin co-representative


I work with high contrast, saturated, intense color.  With hand-painting, dyeing, and other surface design techniques I transform cloth, and paint with thread.  The Nature Series utilizes hand-dyed, then sun-printed fabrics, depicting images from nature: leaves, feathers, shells, and bones. A series of colorful garden studies have evolved using torn and cut hand dyed fabrics.  The Fragment series are collaged artworks comprised of tiny fiber fragments, trapped threads, sheer overlays of tulle and arrayed with a myriad of found objects. These range from mundane household objects to elegant costume jewelry and found objects. These additions may include candy wrappers, safety pins, and computer paper to toys and fortune cookie fortunes. All works are energetically machine stitched with a variety of decorative threads.  Often I think of my work as a depository for the flotsam and jetsam of life. I collect objects with interesting texture color or personal significance to incorporate into my work. I enjoy the ambiguity and multiplicity of meanings which invite the viewer to come closer. Current explorations involve the use of transparent fabrics and materials to create stitched multi-dimensional and sculptural works. 

  Originally a Chicago native, I reside in Verona, Wisconsin, just southwest of Madison,WI with my husband and family. My contemporary art quilts have been featured in many national and international exhibitions including Crafts National, Viking-Husqvarna Masterpieces, Fiber Art International, Visions-Quilt Expressions, World Quilt, International Quilt Fest, Art Quilts at the Sedgwick, Art Quilt Elements and Quilt National 03 and 01, where I received the Award for Most Innovative Use of the Medium by Friends of Fiber Art International. I have been featured locally in solo exhibits at Madison's Olbrich Garden, the Wisconsin Arts Board Gallery and the Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor's Office.  My award-winning art quilts can be seen in many public and private collections including The Wisconsin Percent For Arts Program and the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics. My work has been shown on the Wisconsin public television special: The Art of Quilting, and I have been featured on Sewing with Nancy. My work has been published in 500 Quilts, by Lark Books, exhibition catalogues and numerous SAQA Portfolios. In addition to exhibitions, my work can been found at regional art fairs and galleries.  I live an active lifestyle and have competed in the Wisconsin Ironman triathlon three times. I use my long runs, walks and swims for quiet reflection, contemplation, and photographic studies.  After teaching and coaching gymnastics and movement education for 20 (+) years, "it's easy to take the girl out of the gym, but not the gym out of the girl."  As a result, when I'm not in the studio working, or attending kids" performance events, I can be found, out on my bike or cross country skis.   


Sweet Life

Sweet Life
© 2012 Pat Kroth 
50" x 50"