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My Corner of the World (Canada)

My Corner of the World (Canada) invited the artist to create a glimpse of the spirit of Canada; to convey through their art something true, meaningful and important about this beautiful country and its people.

This exhibition debuted along with the parallel all-SAQA My Corner of the World exhibition at the Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford, Ontario, in May 2016. 

Juror:  Micaela Fitzsimmons

Micaela Fitzsimmons is the Manager of Collections and Exhibits at the Stratford Perth Museum in Stratford, Ontario.  In addition to developing exhibits on the history and culture of this eclectic community, at once a rural agricultural community as well as a renowned centre of artistic culture, she cares for the museum’s collection which includes a significant number of heritage quilts. 

An award-winning printmaker and textile artist, her own work is an exploration of juxtapositions and repetition, and is often focused on social justice themes. She has exhibited in juried and group shows across Ontario, as well as in international travelling exhibitions. Her work is in the permanent collection of the Great Lakes Quilt Center at the Michigan State University Museum.


Stratford Perth Museum May 21-August 14, 2016
Thunder Bay Museum, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada: November 1, 2016 - January 29, 2017
European Patchwork Meeting - September 14-17, 2017
Abilmente Mostra-Atelier Internazionale della Manualita Creativa - October 19-22, 2017
12th International Prague Patchwork Meeting, April 6-8, 2018
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, August 4 - September 22, 2018

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Selected Artists and Titles (Canada My Corner for the World)
art KWilt connection (Ontario) – Reflections on the Grand
Terry Aske (British Columbia) – Inside the Tipi
Shirley Bailey (Ontario) – Down on the Farm
Penny Berens (Nova Scotia) – Rusty Gate
Sandra Betts (New Brunswick) – Fishing Weir in Moonlight
Margaret Blank (Alberta) – It’s Still About the Sky
Sharon Collins (Ontario) - Northern Sky 1
Albert Cote (Ontario) – All I Need Is a Garden and A Chair
Linda Coulter (Ontario) – Limestone City Blues
Millie Cumming (Ontario) – Washday Blues, Northfield Drive
Diane Eastham (Ontario) – Arctic Sea Change
Janet Elliott (Ontario) – White Pine: Titan of the Shield
Ann Fales (Ontario) – The Blueberry Patch
Mita Giacomini (Ontario) - February
Dianne Gibson (Ontario) – Crossing The Peninsula
Gunnel Hag (Ontario) – Rocks on Lake Huron
Phillida Hargreaves (Ontario) – Looks Like A Nice Day Up There
Jaynie Himsl (Saskatchewan) – Poplar Point
Paula Jolly (Saskatchewan) – The Road Home
Robin Laws Field (Ontario) – Ted’s Garage
Susan Lilley (Nova Scotia) – Laurentian Fall
Heather Loney (Nova Scotia) – At Anchor
Kate Madeloso (Nova Scotia) – Fundy Flame Agate
Toni Major (Ontario) – Good Morning, Canada
Judith E. Martin (Ontario) – Time Passes Over the Earth
Lynne McCulloch (Ontario) - Through My Window
Lynne McCulloch (Ontario) – Autumnal Rhythms
Marie McEachern (Alberta) - Downtown
Holly McLean (New Brunswick) – Into the Heart of the Birches
Mary B. Pal (Ontario) - Courage
Mardell Rampton (British Columbia) – Beaches #1
Joan Reive (Ontario) – A Fall Day in Westport
Hilary Rice (Ontario) – Traditional Is Growing On Me
Janet Scruggs (Alberta) – Looking Down
Jocelyne Sobeski (Ontario) - Moonlight
Arja Speelman (Ontario) – Reflections of the North
Susan Tilsley Manley (Nova Scotia) – You’ve Got Mail
Catherine Timm (Ontario) – Autumn Leaves Over Water
Maggie Vanderweit (Ontario) – Cree Hunters
Joan Willison (Ontario) – A Nod to Maud

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