Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth

Exhibit Concept: In an arc along the western shores of North America to the archipelago of Hawaiian Islands, the Pacific Ocean is a source of life and livelihood. Yet threats to the Pacific ecosystem are growing. These perils challenge our perception of the ocean as limitless bounty. Overfishing and global warming threaten not just oceanic life, but the human communities that depend on it. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch draws in waste material from across the ocean, including coastal waters of Canada and the United States. The ocean knows no boundary. The convergence of these ecosystem issues requires communities and governments to also converge in finding solutions.

Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth will debut in San Jose, California at the time of the 2019 SAQA Conference for the purpose of showcasing the talents of SAQA members living in the greater North Pacific region. The show will tour the seven participating Regions, bringing to public view the innovative contemporary art that SAQA stands for.

Juror: Ann Johnston, Lake Oswego, Oregon.


Works/San Jose: April 19 – May 5, 2019

Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum: June 1 – August 24, 2019

Chehalem Cultural Center: March 1 – April 24, 2020

Wailoa Center: July 1 – July 30, 2020

International Gallery of Contemporary Art: August 26 – September 30, 2020

Pratt Museum: October 1 – 31, 2020

Visions Art Museum: January 1 – April 4. 2021

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History: July 1 – September 30, 2021