Modern Inspirations - Art quilts from 1970s through today

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SAQA Presents: Modern Inspirations - Art quilts from 1970s through today will document the rich history of the art quilt movement as it relates to the development of this new quilt aesthetic. This exhibition of 30 iconic historic and contemporary quilts by master artists from around the world is a feast for the eyes, filled with gorgeous art. This engaging chronological presentation demonstrates the development and continuing power of the art quilt movement.

The art quilt movement started in the mid-1960s and has exploded over the past five decades. Today, thousands of artists and collectors around the world are passionate about this art form. With the advent of the Internet, email communications, and social media, an ever-increasing expansion of the global art quilt community has developed since the turn of the 21st century. One of the recent outgrowths of the art quilt movement is the Modern Quilt.

Selections for this exhibition were made from images submitted for the Art Quilt Retrospective project by The Modern Quilt Guild's Alissa Haight Carlton (Executive Director) and Heather Grant (Director of Marketing and Programming).



QuiltCon - Pasadena, CA: February 2018
Dairy Barn - Athens, Ohio: April 29, 2018 - June 15, 2018.


Please contact us with any inquiries about this exhibition or artwork. 

Selected Artists

Jill Ault
Elizabeth Barton
Donna Brennan
Cher Cartwright
Sandra Palmer Ciolino
Linda Colsh
Nancy Crow
Marcia DeCamp
Jan Frazer
Ruth Garrison
Carol Ann Grotrian
Michael James
Marina Kamenskaya
Misik Kim
Judy Kirpich
Harue Konishi
Beatrice Lanter
Amelia Leigh
Diane Melms
Jan Myers-Newbury
Yvonne Porcella
Joan Schulze
Alison Schwabe
Maria Shell
Janet Steadman
Etsuko Takahashi
Judith Trager
Nancy Whittington
Kent Williams
Hope Wilmarth