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Water - it’s everywhere!  The majority of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and more than half of the human body consists of water. But water also plays an essential role in our survival. 

Cultures have thrived based on their proximity to water, and crops survive or fail, based on rain or the lack thereof. Every living thing depends on water to survive, and life hangs in the balance when shortages persist. 
This exhibition encouraged the artist to interpret one of the most vital, desired, powerful, sacred, and enjoyed resources on earth in their own unique, individual style, whether abstract, graphic, or representational. Prospectus / Entry Information »

Juror: Linda Gass

Linda Gass combines environmental activism and artmaking to bring awareness to land use and water issues in California. Using the lure of beauty, her colorful and highly textured stitched paintings encourage people to look at the hard issues we face.

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National Quilt Museum, Paducah, Kentucky: June 23 – September 19, 2017
New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts: July 11, 2018 – September 23, 2018
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona: December 1, 2018 - February 10, 2019
San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, California: April 19-July 14, 2019


Please contact us with any inquiries about this exhibition or artwork. 

List of Accepted Artists and Pieces 

Margaret Abramshe (Nevada, USA) - Sound of Water
Regina Benson (Colorado, USA) - A River Ran Here
Erika Carter (Washington, USA) - Ponderings V
Linda Colsh (Maryland, US) - Past Is Present
Judith Content (California, USA) - Indigo Ice
Nancy Crasco (Massachusetts, USA) - Didymo
Chiaki Dosho (Japan) - Light & Dark 11
Judith Duffield (Colorado, USA) - Beneath the Surface
Susan Else (California, USA) - Memory of Water
Suzanne Evenson (Florida, USA) - Alarming Negligence In Bloom
Dianne Firth (Australia) - Flow #3
Olga Gonzalez_Angulo (Spain) - Sa Conca
Carol Anne Grotrian (Massachusetts, USA) - First Thaw
Cherrie Hampton (Oklahoma, USA) - The Woman at the Well
Jaynie Himsl (Canada) - Cottonwood Delta Blues
Doris Hulse (Florida, USA) - Force and Reflection
Donna June Katz (Illinois, USA) - Water Over Sky
Liz Kuny (New Jersey, USA) - Boiling Point
Gay E. Lasher (Colorado, USA) - Ebb and Flow
Nancy Lemke (California, USA) - El Niño, Weather's Puppeteer
Susan  Lenz (South Carolina, USA) - Flood Clothesline
Karin Lusnak (California, USA) - L'Attitude Bleue
Alison Muir (Australia) - Wrecking the Reef
Laura Ruiz (Florida, USA) - Sustenance and Beauty
Barbara Schneider (Illinois, USA) - Reflections in a Canal, Venice, Triptych
Diane Skidmore (Illinois, USA) - The Place We Cannot Breathe
Virginia Spiegel (Illinois, USA) - Boundary Waters 83
Carol Stocking (Oregon, USA) - Prayers Answered
Els van Baarle (the Netherlands) - Zeeland
Mary Vaneecke (Arizona, USA) - Poisoning Flint
Barbara W. Watler (Florida, USA) - Fishing
Isabelle Wiessler (Germany) - Gulf of Mexico: April 2010
Marianne Williamson (Florida, USA) - Mountain Stream
Martha Wolfe (California, USA) - Sacramento River Chinook