* Stories of Migration

Art by: B.J. Adams, Margaret Abramshe, Bobbi Baugh, Nancy Bardach, & Susan Else.
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Located in Washington DC, The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum is hosting a juried exhibition in collaboration with SAQA, Stories of Migration: Contemporary Artists Interpret Diaspora.

Thirty-nine pieces of artwork were selected by Jurors Lee Talbot and Rebecca Stevens. This timely exhibition showcases the wide range of talent of our SAQA members - selected pieces include art quilts, 3-D works, large installations and video.

In addition, the exhibition features social, cultural and historical commentary by faculty members of George Washington University’s acclaimed program in Diaspora Studies. Artists invited by the Textile Museum are also participating in this ground-breaking exhibition

All works reflect upon the theme of “Diaspora.” Diaspora is the dispersion of a people from an established ancestral homeland. These communities remain simultaneously active in social, economic, cultural, or political processes in their country of origin and with compatriots worldwide.

A migration of peoples from their ancestral homeland impacts every aspect of their life.  The sudden displacement of large populations and the ensuing establishment of resettlement centers to provide basic human needs — food, clothing, shelter, health services, and safety (particularly that of women and children) -- often requires a worldwide response.

Lee Talbot, Curator of Eastern Hemisphere Collections at The Textile Museum
Rebecca A. T. Stevens, Consulting Curator, Contemporary Textiles at The Textile Museum

SAQA Administrator: Patricia Kennedy-Zafred

The George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum
April 16, 2016 through September 4, 2016


Please contact us with any inquiries about this exhibition or artwork. 

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View ListingView the Quilts

Watch videos of artists speaking about their artwork
Many of the participating artists were filmed at the exhibition opening of Stories of Migration. Watch these videos to learn more about their inspiration in creating their pieces.

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