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Celebrating Silver

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Jill Ault - Silver FlashJill Ault   • Ann Arbor MI  US  
Silver Flash   
52 x 40 in  

I saw the silver flash of a trout in a woodland stream.

Diane Bird - A Mine is ForeverDiane Bird   • Chardon OH  US
A Mine is Forever   
44in x 30in  

Acid mine drainage (AMD) occurs when sulphur bearing minerals come in contact with air and water, producing sulfuric acid and other heavy metals.

Sandra Branjord   - Still I Rise    Sandra Branjord   • Sun City AZ  US
Still I Rise   
50.5in x 39in-  

Susan G. Wooldridge writes about a woman rising from the depths of the night ocean: “You’ll dream salty words that swim away sideways, slow.” I celebrate this woman striving to rise and achieve her dreams, much as SAQA encourages the artist to rise and be the best she can be.

Peggy Brown  -  Reflections ReflectingPeggy Brown   • Nashville IN  US
Reflections Reflecting   
48.5in x  38.5in     

Reflection (noun)—an image seen on a silvery surface. Reflecting (verb)—meditation on the first 25 years of SAQA, symbolized by 25 small rectangles.

Wendi Bucey  - Angel of SilverWendi Bucey   • Chico CA  US
Angel of Silver
70in x 38in 

Gustav Klimt’s “Portrait of Adele” was my inspiration. Several references to silver are included through handcrafted foil coin buttons

Elizabeth Busch   -  Dance with MeElizabeth Busch   • Glenburn ME  US
Dance with Me
47in x  31in  

Dreaming ideas, moving, evolving, forward together, gracefully dancing, we celebrate!

Jennifer Day  - BeginningsJennifer Day   • Santa Fe NM  US
34in x 40in

This young girl is holding a silver spoon. Even though SAQA is celebrating its 25th anniversary, it was born with a silver spoon and is still in its infancy. The joy this child is experiencing playing with her threads is what fiber artists feel every day as we play with our own fabrics and threads.

Margaret  Fabrizio   -   Silver Eruption    Margaret  Fabrizio   • San Francisco CA  US
Silver Eruption   
66in x 35in  

A few antique 1930 flower garden blocks of my grandmother’s have grown in an explosion of bright colors into an abstract eruption of silver.

Sheila Frampton-Cooper   -   Arianrhod-Goddess of the Silver WheelSheila Frampton-Cooper   • Van Nuys CA  US
Arianrhod-Goddess of the Silver Wheel
67in x  38in   

Arianrhod is the Welsh goddess of the moon and stars. She is a free spirit who is not prepared to bend to anyone’s expectations of her.

Jayne Gaskins  -  Embracing the Silver YearsJayne Gaskins   • Fernandina Beach FL  US
Embracing the Silver Years
46in x 32in  

I find great beauty in women who embrace their age and proudly display their hair in its natural silvery color.

Michelle  Jackson  -  The Silver Touch Michelle Jackson   • Albuquerque NM  US
The Silver Touch
40in x 40in - 

A silver metallic hand wiping across a dull dark surface exposing brilliant color and reflectivity behind it, as if to say, “Silver reveals beauty.”

Patricia Kennedy-Zafred  -  On That Silver KnightPatricia Kennedy-Zafred   • Murrysville PA  US
On That Silver Knight
70.5in x 30.5in  

During medieval times, knights were held in the highest esteem and considered patrons of the arts, a role SAQA plays in the lives of art quilters. This piece is also dedicated to the “knights” in my life who encourage and facilitate my artistic pursuits.

 Lynn Krawczyk   -   Rusted SilverLynn Krawczyk   • Plymouth MI  US
Rusted Silver
44in x 32in

As a third generation automotive worker, the color silver will always conjure images of metal in all its forms — from shiny new to beautiful rusted orange.

Ellie Kreneck  -  Silver Roses Fall on the LlanoEllie Kreneck   • Lubbock TX  US
Silver Roses Fall on the Llano
49.5in x 39in  

On the Llano Estacado, we long for the blessings of rain falling from the sky. In this scene, it takes the form of silver roses.

 Judy Langille -   Silver Forms Judy Langille   • Kendall Park NJ  US
Silver Forms
42in x 40in  

The color silver inspired this composition to celebrate SAQA’s Silver Anniversary. The 25 or so forms represent 25 years.

Patricia Malarcher  -   Lunar Portal Patricia Malarcher   • Englewood NJ  US
Lunar Portal
39.5in x 40in

The color silver in 25 squares symbolizes SAQA’s 25th anniversary. Inspiration included silver’s association with the moon, female energy, and intuition.

Kathleen  McCabe  -  JubilationsKathleen McCabe   • Coronado CA  US
57in x 40in  

I try to create a three-dimensional effect using only light and shadow. I chose monochromatic silvers and grays to honor SAQA’s 25th anniversary.

Jeannie Moore  -    Silver Cake Jeannie Moore   • Escondido CA  US
Silver Cake
51in x 40in - 

To keep with the silver 25th anniversary theme, I used 25 slashed squares for the background and decided to “bake” a whimsical cake on top.

Kathy Nida  -  Awakening the CroneKathy Nida   • El Cajon CA  US
Awakening the Crone
70.5in x 40in  

Wisdom comes with age, the crone advising mother and maiden. Her silver hair has been earned by experiencing life, however difficult it may be.

Mary Pal  -  Precious TimeMary Pal   • Almonte ON  CANADA
Precious Time
60in x 36in  

Despite its connotation as a luxury item, we seldom consider how silver is obtained through the arduous, dangerous work of mining, particularly back in 1907.

Sandra Poteet  -   Silver Birch Grove Sandra Poteet   • Grass Valley CA  US
Silver Birch Grove
70in x 40in  

My birch grove presents two forms of silver: the precious grayish-white metal element with atomic number 47 and nature’s remarkable gray-white trees.

Daren Redman  -   Silver LegacyDaren Redman   • Nashville IN  US
Silver Legacy
62in x 36in  

My grandmothers and mother passed down their silverware to me. I use it often and think of them. I remember helping my grandmother clean it while she was living in Lexington, Kentucky.

Wen Redmond  -  The Machine Wen Redmond   • Strafford NH  US
The Machine
45in x 43.5in  

This piece is based upon a photographic reflection of a storefront window filled with sewing machines. This piece is dedicated to SAQA and to the machine that made modern fiber art possible!


Jean Renli Jurgenson  -    Reflection - World Trade Center Jean Renli Jurgenson   • Walnut Creek CA  US
Reflection - World Trade Center
50.5in x 34.5in

 Silver ... shiny • architecture • glisten • perspective • reflective • WTC • iconic • Tridents • stylized • simplicity • introspection • meditation • serenity • calm … reflection

Joan Schulzen Schulze -    Past and FutureJoan Schulze   • Sunnyvale CA  US
Past and Future   
43in x 40in

Inspiration came from a quote by Andy Warhol: “Silver was the future, it was spacey … silver was also the past — the Silver Screen.”

Maria Shell  -  Two-Five Maria C. Shell   • Anchorage AK  US
38in x 38in

Two-Five is inspired by the traditional quilt block Squares and Square. Most of my work is driven by color. It was a wonderful challenge to work in only silver, black and white.

Bonnie Smith  -  Upward and OnwardBonnie J. Smith   • San Jose CA  US
Upward and Onward   
67in x 35in

The good is always worth celebrating. Studio Art Quilt Associates’ 25th Anniversary is definitely one of those occasions. I wish our organization the best and may we move upward and onward!

Cynthia St. Charles  -  Silver HillsCynthia St Charles   • Billings MT  US
Silver Hills
64in x 39in

I wanted to express the experience of mining for silver in Montana by printing the quilt surface with writings from early miners and vigilantes.

Elena Stokes  -   MoonshineElena Stokes   • Clinton NJ  US
41in x 40in

Silver (25th anniversary) + Water (transformation, creativity, emotion) + Moon (feminine, intuition, reflection) = SAQA. Let’s celebrate with a little Moonshine!

Tiziana  Tateo  -    Flowers and Champagne StreamsTiziana Tateo   • Vigevano   ITALY
Flowers and Champagne Streams
55in x 37in

Flowers are crystallized into silver and are joyfully floating away in a stream of champagne.

Judith Trager  -   Ciel D ArgentJudith Trager   • Boulder CO  US
Ciel D'Argent
70in x 40in

The sunset sky brings swaths of silver and bold strokes of pinks and purples imposed on deep blues. The promise of days to come.

Sylvia Weir  -  Quick Silver Sylvia Weir   • Beaumont TX  US
Quick Silver
59in x 35in

Silver anniversaries reflect a fascination similar to quicksilver, parts pulling apart (experimentation), but gathered together in a unified whole, refined and more perfect.

Marianne R. Williamson  - US Silver Abstractions   Marianne R. Williamson   • Miami FL  US
Silver Abstractions
69.5in x 37in

Color moves outward from the grid on black, blurring toward edges, where it meets silver that shines in the light.



oseline Young  -   Passing the Torch to the FutureRoseline Young   • Cape Coral FL  US
Passing the Torch to the Future
65in x 34.5in

I am inspired by 25 years of QUILTS moving from the bed onto the wall, passing that exuberance on to future generations of quilters.

Charlotte Ziebarth  -  The Color of Dreams Charlotte Ziebarth   • Boulder CO  US
The Color of Dreams
48in x 39in

Inspiration came from the role silver mining played in Colorado history. Dreams of empires were founded on the wealth of silver mining. The sparkling lure of the metal promised riches but left behind a changed landscape.


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