Featured Artist - December 2015  Lora Rocke

Lora Rocke - Lincoln, Nebraska USA
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Reminiscent of family albums, my stitched portraits are a collection of images.  Images of the mischievous, mellow, mysterious, playful or proud. There’s Uncle Archie and his fish, Billy getting a haircut and Janie dressed up for Halloween.  They are usually portraying commonplace activities given a chance to shine, a chance to tell a story.

Fabric has become my canvas, illuminating my subjects and creating a sense of time and place.  Thread is my “pen and pencil”, producing the details of face and figure. I love the intrigue of these ordinary faces, the mystery of them.  Who were (or are) they, and what stories are hidden behind their eyes or at the corners of their mouth?

I have dabbled in fine art, education, business and the written word.  I belong to a line of artists and bakers, tinkerers, gardeners, gamblers and bad-boys.  From my drawings to the final stitch, I strive to reveal their stories, and those of others, through my choice of fabric and the layers upon layers of thread that I use to give each work life and personality.  I create portraits of everyday people, sharing everyday experiences. Familiar scenes, a haircut, a great catch, a birthday party, or a joyous child, all are now set and ready for the storytelling.  Each one:  intricate, intriguing and saturated with color.