Featured Artist - October 2015  Patti Morris

Patti Morris - Alberta, Canada
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My Grass roots began in Barrie Ontario, where I grew up and pursued an education in Nursing. Moved to Vancouver B.C. where I met my husband and began the journey of working as an R.N. in a high volume Trauma Unit. I had never had the opportunity to sew up to this point. My husband bought me my very first sewing machine for my birthday. I loved that machine, the freedom to play and make my very own x 3 daughters clothing; all very bright and unique was an awesome feeling!

In 1990 when cutbacks in nursing began, I established a very successful children’s designed line of clothing business called “Tots Togs” I pursued a diploma in Designing & Drafting from NAIT in Edmonton. After designing & sewing up 30,000+ pieces of brightly colourful kids clothing I returned back to teaching nursing at our local College.

Quilting had always been a passion for me, so in 2003 I joined our local Guild. For 2 years I volunteered to take on the sewing of our Guilds Charity Quilts. The feel of dropping my feed-dogs on the sewing machine and using the needle like a paintbrush took my designing with thread to another level of creativity.

I then joined SAQA and have never looked back. SAQA gave me the insight to try anything. And to think your only one finger tap away for support & connection to thousands of accomplished fabric artists is truly a dream come true when most of us work isolated in our studios! I call SAQA my International Fabric art connection to what is happening in the world! The opportunities that SAQA has offered to me have been endless and at no time did I ever feel pressured to produce. SAQA is my life line to good friends, tremendously talented fabric artist images that constantly inspires me with endless ideas to create!

I live in a place where my work is isolated and to many my work is very eccentric. The excitement to be different and unique is what pushes me further.