Wild Fabrications   - Juror's Essay

What an honor to be asked to judge an exhibition of work from fellow artists. I am always excited to see
what is going on with other artists around the country. Spending so much time in my own studio can feel like the only world I know is my own. I just wish I were able to visit every studio and see every quilt in person. The artist’s studio is where all the magic happens!

It is thrilling to see what is happening in the world of art quilts and to observe how the technology and processes used to create them have changed and evolved over time. It is also nice to see so many works from accomplished and experienced artists with a wide range of styles. I think this shows the diversity in the art quilt community. It seems like art quilts are going through a period of exciting change because of the easy access to a wide variety of images, inspirations, and new techniques, often due to the internet.

I was very impressed with the quality of work and use of unique approaches that were evident in so many of the submissions. I am just sorry that I had to narrow down the selection to 35 pieces. I could easily have included twice as many in the show. There was such an exciting and eclectic range of entries for the theme of animals, both real and fantastical. The entries went from photo realistic to dreamily abstract. It was fascinating to see how each artist interpreted the theme. And what a great theme, one that is so close to my heart, as is seen in my own work. (Sometimes I think I am more animal than

I asked myself a number of questions as I looked at each work: Did the work have visual impact? Was the image well composed and well designed? What was the work about, did the artist seem to have a clear sense of what they were communicating and what the work was expressing? But also did the work let the imagination go beyond the image?

My thanks to SAQA for inviting me to jury this show. I have enjoyed working with you over the past several years. Thank you to all the artists that made and entered pieces for this show. Entering a juried show is a leap of faith, and I just hope those artists that were not selected will continue to create and show their work. And for those selected, thank you for putting your heart and soul into your work!

— Geoffrey Gorman


Geoffrey Gorman has been a custom furniture maker, contemporary art dealer, art consultant, curator, and arts writer. Since 1995 Geoffrey has been a full time artist and shows his recycled animals in galleries around the country. His work is in several museum collections. www.geoffreygorman.com.