Featured Artist - September 2015  Sheree Rasmussen

Sheree Rasmussen - Castleton, Ontario (Canada)
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My work is born out of a love of textiles as a medium for expression, and out of a conscious act of breaking free from the need to plan and analyze, which is often a necessary part of textile techniques.

My studies at art school focused on loom weaving, working within the mathematical confines of the loom, and pushing its limits. In my current work, appliquéing fabric pieces onto a whole cloth background, I have broken free of those constraints, using the fabric scraps almost like paint, my scissors like a brush.

My pieces are guided by an intuitive journey that comes to me in fragments of ideas and memories. My background is in dance, and my work is a collaboration between my inner choreographer, my ancestors calling me from an unknown place, and my passion for the material substance of my medium- the textures, colours, and patterning. I love to work on a large scale, which provides a platform for my energetic expression.