Benefit Auction - SUPER Dream Collection  by Ali George

SAQA invited several artists to curate a special collection of 24 Benefit Auction quilts - a "Super" version of our Auction Dream Collections. We suggest viewing the slideshow in FULL SCREEN. This setting is located in the bottom right corner of the slideshow.

ali george

Each of the selected pieces reveal, for me, something elusive about movement through time and space. Some pieces evoked a sense of calm and stillness, while others a sense of high energy and one or two made visual statements I experienced as confronting. 

Found on Whangaumu (Mathea Daunheimer) captures a moment in time between waves or tidal ebb and flow as does Wheels and Windows #9 (Maggi Birchenough) which cleverly captures time in shadow. The promise of change is expressed in New Growth (Regina Dunn), Koru (Sonya Prchl) and Foliaris IX (Lisa Flower Ross). Tempo expressed in the high energy of Redante (Susan Purney Mark), the cool stillness of Evening Climb (Deborah Boschert), Two Umbrellas II (Belinda Hart) and the frozen in time Encrusted (Nancy J Steidle). Seasonal change is captured in Spring Again (Eva Gretta Cooper), Orchard in Spring (Ruan Robertson) and the haunting Cold Quest (Linda Colsh).

Each of my dream collection artworks provokes further thought about the nature of things – and ultimately of death and decay in Swamp (Alison Muir), Inner City (Judy Momenzadeh) and Rusty Gate (Kathy Wallgren). I am drawn to the complexity of Goldfinch (Cynthia St Charles), San Francisco by the Bay (Christi Beckmann) and Uklyoe (Tiziana Tateo) and the understated simplicity of Fractured Sunset I (Linda Abrams). Each provides a unique perspective of the way in which we experience changes in time and space.