Juried Artist Member Overview 

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What is a JAM?
A JAM is a juried artist member of SAQA who has successfully presented a portfolio of professional quality images and documents to the JAM Review Panel (JRP).

The portfolio presents a body of work that represents a singular point of view or signature collection. The artist’s resume demonstrates a record of juried exhibitions beyond the local. Documentation and images are of high quality, as expected by gallery and museum personnel, as well as collectors and publishers.


benefits of Juried artist membership
Besides meeting a personal goal of accomplishment, the major benefit for JAMs is the opportunity for exposure: in SAQA publications, on the website, as well as participation in SAQA special events.



Website opportunities

JAMs also qualify for


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do SAQA members want to be JAMs?
Everyone has different goals, but many JAMs indicate they have selected this category of membership because they have established a professional studio practice and because they want to exhibit more widely. In addition, the affirmation of experienced SAQA members who themselves are JAMs is important to them.

How do I begin the process and how are new JAMs accepted?
For a detailed explanation of the process as well as guidelines for preparing and submitting your portfolio, click the link below. The JAM Review Panel meets 6 times a year to review applications and SAQA offers JAM mentoring throughout the process.

JAM Guidelines

I am not currently a SAQA member - can I apply to be a JAM?
SAQA membership is not required to apply for Juried Artist Membership. However, only current members can use the services of the JAM Mentor.

I am already a JAM - how do I update my website profile?
Existing JAM members can find information on updating their profile here.

I was a JAM before but let my membership lapse - do I need to reapply?
We do require lapsed JAM members to re-submit an application if more than 12 months have passed between memberships. If you have questions, please contact us at website@saqa.com.



If you have any questions, please contact info@saqa.com