Guidelines for Juried Artist Member Application 

Welcome! This page contains all the information you need to know about applying to become a Juried Artist member. Please feel free to contact us with any questions (details at bottom).

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The JAM Review Panel (JRP) reviews all JAM applications. The JAM Representative appoints three (3) panelists and designates one panelist to serve as the JRP coordinator. All panelists are current Juried Artist Members.

When does the JAM Review Panel meet? Every January, March, May, July, September and November.

When are the deadlines for applications? On or before January 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, September 1, and November 1. The panel convenes during the month and applicants are notified before the end of the review month.


What the applicant does:
Applicants must submit a portfolio online. Instructions and guidelines can be found below.

The portfolio must include:
Seven (7) images (full image and detail image of 3 of them) that, viewed together, present an applicant’s body of work
A resume showing a record of exhibitions
An artist’s statement



SAQA offers mentoring to help prepare your JAM portfolio. It is a free service offered to SAQA members. Mentors are current JAMs, as well as former members of the JAM Review Panel.

Mentoring cannot guarantee acceptance. However, a mentor will look at the work you select for submission, evaluate your professional documents, and make suggestions. The final decisions are yours.

Sharon Bass currently serves as JAM mentor. She can be reached by e-mail at


The application is an online submission. You will find all specifications on the JAM Online Submission Form (more details below). You can click on a Preview of the JAM Online Submission Form. Print it out. It will help you with all the details.

Please be aware that you must have all your materials on hand (ready in a folder on your desktop) before you begin. Because of the online submission requirements, you must complete the entire submission once you sign in and begin completing the forms. You cannot return to the submission site to complete an application. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed in that review month and you will have to resubmit at a later date.

Here is what you will need:

Images: 7 full images, and a detail image for 3 of the selected works. Excellent photographic quality for all images is very important. Work selected may be submitted in any order you choose, but it should present a distinct, singular point of view. The selected images should be 1800 pixels on the longest side.
A resume: no more than three pages, and covering the specific areas in the order specified. (See Definitions and Clarifications below) 
An artist’s statement: no more than one-half page or a maximum of 300 words. (See Definitions and Clarifications below)  
Artist Information Form: Name, email address, website, blog.


The JAM Review Panel evaluation gauges the level of artistic merit and professional practice demonstrated in the portfolio.

Here is the general order of importance to the JAM Review Panel: 

The work: Is it of high quality? Do the images work together to present a focused point of view rather than a sampler of ideas or techniques? Are the images of professional quality?
The exhibition record: Are there juried exhibitions? Does the exhibition record go beyond local venues? Is the resume well-written?
The artist’s statement: Does it connect with the work presented? Does it focus on the idea(s) behind the work or is it merely a listing of materials and methods? Is it clearly written?

Body of work: Works relate to one another so that the JAM Review Panel sees and comprehends a singular point of view. For more clarification see ADDITIONAL JAM RESOURCES below.

Professional presentation of images
The photo images are excellent: edges are included (not cropped out), no pins or hanging rods show, any visible background has no distractions. The lighting is good across the entire piece, everything is in focus and shot squarely, not distorted. The images are properly formatted and captioned as directed.

Detail images reveal the stitching or some intriguing portion of the work. They are separate photographs of a selected area. Detail images cannot be a cropped area from the full image.

The captions and identification of the detail images reference the work from which they are taken.

Professional presentation of documents: Documents are organized and cleanly presented. If you have a website and/or blog, keep in mind that the JAM Review Panel may visit there as well.   

The artist’s statement is a description of what you do, why you do it, and how you do it. It is best when written in first person.

The resume for JAM application is a Selected Resume and provides the panel with evidence of your studio practice and art activity. Organize your resume in reverse chronological order, that is, provide the most recent activity/entry first, then work back in time. For more help, see ADDITIONAL JAM RESOURCES below.

A selected resume is not intended to cover your entire career. Select the highlights for the purpose of this application, rather than everything you have ever done.



Here is a list of items expected on a resume, in the order considered most important to the reviewers.


Additional JAM Resources

Body of Work - Image Selection and Photo Presentation 

Resume Advice

Sample resume, courtesy of Shea Wilkinson

Help with Resizing Photos by Gloria Hansen (video)

Photographing Your Own Quilt courtesy of Maria Elkins

Submitting Photos to SAQA Publications by Deidre Adams


How to Complete your Online Application

To view a Preview of the JAM Online Submission Form, click here . This is NOT the form to enter your information. The Preview Form is designed to show you what will be required.

You must have everything readily accessible on your computer (preferably in a folder on your desktop) before you begin the official JAM Online Submission Form. Once you begin, you need to complete the entire submission in one sitting. 

If you have not prepared your photos, please review the image requirements or review Help with Resizing Photos.

Use a standard browser (i.e., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox) for optimum performance. We recommend Firefox and Safari as the most reliable browsers. This site does not support Internet Explorer 10.

When you have completed your submission, be sure to print a copy of the Confirmation Page for your records.

If you are ready to access the JAM Online Submission Form, click this button to start:


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Contact Info:

If you have any questions regarding the JAM application process, please contact Sharon Bass at

If you have technical questions about the online system, please contact Lisa Ellis at

For general questions about SAQA (or if you aren't sure who to contact), email