2019 Benefit Auction - Dream Collections 

We invited members to create Dream Collections curated from the beautiful Benefit Auction quilts donated by our generous and talented members.  "In a perfect world, which artworks would you select for your very own?"

Below are some of the wonderful collections we received. Thank you to everyone who participated!


Grids - curated by Kris Sazaki

I recently rearranged my office. Now when I look up from the computer screen, I see Mary Hargrave‘s “Box of Bras” on the wall. I love this piece and not just because it’s full of Barbie torsos. I always notice the grid-like box they sit in. So I got to wondering if I could find eight auction pieces that had a grid on them.

Alicia MerrettGerrie CongdonMargaret PhillipsSusan PriceKatherine DombrowskiKristi FarrierLibby WilliamsonJudy Langille


Repetitions of Shapes - curated by Uta Lenk

I picked pieces I like - and then saw that they have in common that there are repetitions of forms in them which are not exactly alike but similar enough.

Jaye DoddsJeanne Hewell-ChambersJudy LangilleUta LenkAlison MuirHeather PreggerShoshi RimerLinda Syverson Guild


Getting the Blues - curated by Lisa Jenni

Blue is my favorite color, naturally what I see first is that. Blue is inspiration for so much: Getting the Blues, Die Blaue Stunde, it stands in for staying cool, symbolic color of water and winter, blue is sought after in the flowering world, our precious planet is BLUE...

Stephanye SchuylerChristine Predd Sheila GaquinSarah EntsmingerMartha WolfeMaria StollerKaren MillerMelanie Marr


Pinkify the Planet! - curated by Janet Marney

It seems that many artists don't use pink, but I love it. Lately, I'm particularly interested in how pink interacts with orange. Pinkify the Planet!

Laurie BucherSusanne ClawsonSue de VannyRobin FischerTara GlastonburyJeanine GunnHelena SchefferChristine Vinh

California - Paradise and Problems - curated by Sally Wright

My home state of California with all of its natural beauty has significant problems.

Melanie Marr Amy WitherowBeatrice BuecheJoAnn CampPat GaskaSherry KleinmanSandra LauterbachPixeladies


Warm and Natural - curated by Claire Passmore

A gathering of warm colours and interesting linear elements. I really love this collection.

Maryte CollardShoshi RimerRuan RobertsonMargarete SteinhauerM. C. BunteCat LarreaMyania MosesAlison Schwabe

Fabulous Female Faces - curated by Ann Moroz

I have never attempted to quilt a face. These female faces are inspirations for me.

Bodil GardnerSherrie MoomeyJackie StoaksGwen WeakleyTerry GrantGenevieve AttingerSue Willows-RaznikovTiziana Tateo


Potpourri - curated by Cay MacKenzie

My inspiration for this selection is color, subject matter, and movement.

B. J. Adams Sonja CampbellMaryte CollardDianne FirthHelen GoddenJenny K. LyonRee NancarrowLinda Syverson Guild


SAQA Oregon - curated by Diane English

Just a few of the submissions from the SAQA Oregon Region.

Kristiann BonnNancy BryantFanny CarrollGerrie CongdonAnne DaughtryDiane EnglishJudith Quinn GarnettMary Goodson


Food/Black and Red - curated by Sonja Campbell

Have a place in my Kitchen to hang some small quilts. My Kitchen is Red, Black and white. I thought I would couple that with food quilts.

Colleen AnsbaughEdith GrossRuby HoranskyDiane SkidmoreCatherine TimmGisha WogierMarjolein van der EijkHeather Pregger


Feeling Nature - curated by Ronda Sells

I find them all pleasing...selected by feel. They seem to balance as a grouping, but each is different from the others.

Agusta AgustssonColleen AnsbaughSara BradshawDenise GriffithsAnne SevernSue de Vanny


Lines - curated by Diane English

Lines form so much of our lives, whether it's the horizon line or the line for our morning coffee. Lines are everywhere.

Nancy BardachSharon CaseyKaren JohnsonPat KrothRuan RobertsonSandy SnowdenMargarete SteinhauerGeraldine Warner


Orange Makes Me Happy - curated by Christine Vinh

Colors make my heart sing and today it was orange that called to me!

Patricia Arndt Deborah BoschertM. C. BunteLinda Nelson JohnsonBella KaplanJackie Nixon-FultonDale RollersonNanette S. Zeller


Birds - curated by Christy Elamma

I love nature and animals and am always drawn to art that represents them in some fashion. There were enough quilts submitted that I could narrow it down to just birds this time around.

Wilma BrockHolly GardnerHelen GoddenPeg GreenSue ShermanLynn WelschTrish Morris-PliseNancy Ialacci


No warp or weft - a mostly unconventional bunch - curated by Judith Quinn Garnett

I get excited to see artists playing with papers and plastics, especially those in the recycle bin.

Linda LairdIvy JensenJudith Quinn GarnettNatalya AikensPeggy BrownLibby WilliamsonLisa JenniTiziana Tateo


Fearless! - curated by Carolyn Skei

It's hard to select only eight of this year's terrific quilts — but each of these is truly a personal invitation to adventure! The quilters are fearless in their approach to color, stitching, mediums or composition, and I desperately want to come along for their picnics in the wild!

Anna BrownBella KaplanIngrid LanghorstCat LarreaJackie Nixon-FultonPixeladiesSusan StevensonMarjolein van der Eijk


Trees - curated by Rhonda Baldwin

Trees and their loss from natural disaster makes me want to save them all. Oh what they have silently witnessed.

Cat LarreaCindy Bartosewcz Deborah BoschertBeatrice BuecheMary GoodsonWen RedmondNancy Woods Amy Witherow


Uplift - curated by Jennie Johnston

These pieces hint at a story, suggest layers and have titles that make you think beyond the surface.

Eti DavidRegina DunnLisa JenniCarolyn SkeiIsabelle WiesslerHelena SchefferRegina MarzlinLorraine Roy


A Mixed Bag of Tricks : A look at Alternative Processes - curated by Suzanne LeBlanc

I saw a cynotype quilt on instagram. Cynotype, mixed media,digital photography are what interest me at the moment. To combine these media to create a quilt would be a real accomplishment. 

Sue RenoAgusta AgustssonJoanne AlberdaDale Ashera-DavisBobbi BaughMarnie ClawsonHeidi DrahotaGreta Hildebrand


Night Magic - curated by Diane Howell

Nighttime is when the magic happens...and pops of color announce their presence in dramatic fashion.

Alex AndersonNatalya AikensHelen BeavenChristine CastanoMaryte CollardFenella DaviesM Eileen FindlayIsabelle Wiessler


Animal Tales - curated by Diane Howell

I love my fur kids! I advocate for animals because they can't speak up for themselves. Kindness, love, and mutual respect is what they offer.

Sonya PrchalWendi BuceyCarla CorbinJayne GaskinsJane HaworthMelanie MarrLaurie RussmanWilma Brock


Color me beautiful - curated by Joann Connolly

Bold & brilliant colors!

Judith ContentSusan ElseSherry KleinmanDenise Oyama MillerPixeladiesLinda InghamSue de VannyJudith Ahlborn


A Mob of Margarets - curated by Wendy Hill

An obsession with the name Margaret (and Margarete and Maggie) on this Friday morning led to my choices....it was quite enjoyable to find them and I hope you enjoy looking. 

Margaret GriffithsMargarete SteinhauerMargaret BlankMaggie VanderweitMargaret McGrathMargaret FiliatraultMargaret AbramsheMargaret Phillips


People - curated by Iina Alho

"I think people who are creative are the luckiest people on earth. I know that there are no shortcuts, but you must keep your faith in something Greater than You, and keep doing what you love. Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world." - Judy Collins

Rebeka LambertBodil GardnerClaire PassmoreAlice BeasleyPhyllis CullenSherrie MoomeyTiziana TateoTerry Grant


I Love Flowers - curated by Deb Cashatt

One of the first flowers I planted as a kid was Zinnias. Big ones and small ones. Nanette S. Zeller's piece was my starting point. The others joined in to make a big bouquet.

 Mary Ann Vaca-LambertLisa EllisCarol LeitchNanette S. ZellerIrma BullKay SuttMary TransomLori Triplett


Houston Circle Abstractions - curated by Susan Hilsenbeck

Abstract images by Houston artists. 

Jaye DoddsSuzan EnglerConnie Marie FahrionIvy JensenMary Ann LittlejohnBobbe Shapiro NolanJeannie SchoennagelHope Wilmarth


Houston Circle Impressions - curated by Susan Hilsenbeck

Impressions of scenes, landscapes, or close-ups by Houston Circle members.

 Deborah BoschertVicki ConleySusan HilsenbeckBobbe Shapiro NolanWen RedmondIvy JensenJeannie SchoennagelSuzan Engler


Pods - curated by Karyn Dornemann

I love the shape of a pod. Whether filled or empty, the shape stands out in many of my own designs. Smooth, undulating, connected together or separated, pods are like the ups and downs of a single day, a week, a month, a year.

Merrilyn GeorgeCindy HarwoodBarbara KibbeBarbara SferraKathy SuprenantSuzi StoneLinda EvansSmaranda Bourgery


For the Love of Blue (and grey) - curated by Bethany Garner

Soft grey blues, and the touches that these oft found colour palettes bring to our daily lives...beautiful reflections on life all around us!

Dale Ashera-DavisBobbi BaughAnnette BoncekWilma BrockLisa CourtnageDonna DeaverSarah EntsmingerSheila Gaquin


Black & Blue Through & Through - curated by Beth Smith

These quilts all convey a feeling or a message, a conversation between the artist and the viewer. The shapes and colors live together as if they were born into the same family. 

Joanne AlberdaPolly BechPat BishopPeggy BrownJette CloverFenella DaviesJudith Quinn GarnettHope Wilmarth


Faith, Hope and Love - curated by Margaret Blank

In these tough times I turn to these three tenets for solace and encouragement. Often, they are expressed through the hearts, minds and hands of artists like these.

B. J. AdamsIina AlhoBobbi Baugh Deborah BoschertGabriele DiTotaSheila GaquinJeanne Hewell-ChambersAnne Walker


Birds of Paradise - curated by Nanette Zeller

Birds are one of my favorite things. There are so many beautiful bird-related quilts in this year's auction. So many to choose from. These are a few of my favorites.

Holly GardnerHelen GoddenPeg GreenIina AlhoPatricia ArndtWilma BrockAileyn Renli EcobDaniela Tiger


Trees - curated by Sue Rasmussen

Trees fill us with awe, they inspire us to look up and perhaps dream beyond the boundaries imposed on us, to think that we too can be strong and upright, true and indomitable.

Cindy BartosewczAnnette BoncekJulia GraberCat LarreaDenise Oyama MillerSue ReidSusan SelbyNancy Woods


The Best Light - curated by Sarah Entsminger

In the words of Leonardo de Vinci, "A gray day provides the best light". Subtle shades of gray and blue always call my attention.

Linda ColshDonna DeaverPatricia Kennedy-ZafredJill KerttulaSusan LenzWen RedmondAndra StantonMartha Wolfe


Sublimes processus - curated by Isabelle Dupras

A sober but dramatic collection paying tribute to natural processes, senses, and raw emotions.

Hope WilmarthPaula KovarikGreta HildebrandDorothy Heidemann-NelsonSuzan EnglerRegina DunnChiaki DoshoCatherine McDonald


Getting an Angle on It - curated by Barbara Kibbe

I went looking for strong graphical use of one (or more) angles that energize the plane of a piece. I found many more than 8!

Elin NobleJean NeblettHeather PreggerPatricia PorterRobyn GoldPolly BechAlison SchwabeRobin Cowley


True Blue - curated by Iina Alho

What can I say... I love all the shades of blue

Pamela MorrisGwen WeakleyDale Ashera-DavisMelanie MarrDoreen PrakshotSarah EntsmingerAlison MuirKaren Miller


All Margarets - curated by Margaret Phillips

Everyone in my exercise class is named Margaret. Not kidding. I thought it might be fun to see what a quilt class of Margarets would do. There were only 7 so I added Maggie Vanderweit. Close enough!

Margaret AbramsheMargaret BlankMargaret FiliatraultMargaret GriffithsMargaret McGrathMargaret PhillipsMargarete SteinhauerMaggie Vanderweit


Sky - curated by Gwen Weakley

Whether space, sunrise or sunset, or mid-day or night, or an abstract representation, Sky evokes ever changing and limitless beauty.

Joanne AlberdaKathleen CallaghanAnn GrundlerLinda Nelson JohnsonMarjan KluepfelLynn KoolishThelma NewburyIsabelle Wiessler


Marvelously Minimal - curated by Connie Griner

For those of us who find less is more.

Robyn GoldTerry AskeMargarete SteinhauerCindy GrisdelaSharon CaseyBrenda Gael SmithShelly BurgeSmaranda Bourgery


Elegant Simplicity - curated by Denise Konicek

Sometimes true mastery of art consists of being able to create a piece with the most minimal of gestures and then enclose it in an environment that coaxes your eye to rest and ponder...

Joanne AlberdaKathy BagioniDiana BaileyAnna BrownSharon CaseyLinda ColshDonna DeaverAileyn Renli Ecob



A Few of My Favorite Things - curated by Joanna Ellis

I know a little girl that loves waffles, horses, dogs and trips to the zoo and these would be a favorite with her.

Joanna EllisMarilyn Clark Nancy IalacciHelen GoddenJane HaworthSue ShermanLinda FrostCarla Corbin


REDwork - curated by Gwen Goepel

RED: such an eye catching color!

Helene BlanchetBeatrice BuecheMarylee DrakeLisa EllisGwen GoepelDebo HysackHeather PreggerAndra Stanton


Nature - curated by Rebecca Richard-Shupert

The world around us is so full of wonder.

Cat LarreaSusan SelbyKathy SuprenantCatherine McDonaldMartha WolfeCarolyn Walwyn

Circular Reasoning - curated by Brigitte Red

Life...a never ending circle of reasoning....reasoning right from wrong....reasoning good or bad....reasoning just reasoning

Lorraine RoyJackie Nixon-FultonSherri Lipman McCauleyRobin FischerLisa JenniJean Renli Jurgenson


Orange and its Compliment - curated by Suzan Engler

I started with the color orange and selected pieces with which I would like to live.

Kathy Bagioni Sonja CampbellPat GaskaDenise Oyama MillerAnna Marie PetersonKatie QuinnDiane SkidmoreCatherine Timm


What's Black, White, and Red All Over - curated by Mary Green

The power of the classic color combination of black, white, and red and the many ways it can be interpreted.

Chiaki DoshoDebo HysackJennie JohnstonLinda Syverson GuildAndrea LuliakDiane SheckellsMarjolein van der EijkHope Wilmarth


ABSTRACT DREAMS - curated by Nancy Beckerman

The quilts I chose are all abstract. They are images I can easily dream about.....they look like dreams to me. That moves me and inspires me, as well.The quilts I chose are all abstract. They are images I can easily dream about.....they look like dreams to me. That moves me and inspires me, as well.

Susan AllenAgusta AgustssonDiana BaileyPolly BechM. C. BunteHelene BlanchetSusan ElsePat Bishop


Charged - curated by Shannon Conley

Arcs of energy!

Patricia PorterSusan ElseRobin CowleyNatalya AikensJeannie BenchDenise GriffithsPat KrothMargarete Steinhauer


Fruits 'N Veg - curated by Lucy Shaiken

Imagery of fruits and vegetables evoke thoughts of nourishment, abundance, family, and home.

Colleen AnsbaughRuby HoranskyJeannie MooreNancy RyanDiane SkidmoreCatherine TimmBaiba VaguleGisha Wogier


Architecture and Line - curated by Lucy Shaiken

I am drawn to the angles, lines, shapes, and blocks of the manmade landscape. This collection shows how humans shape our environment.

Judith AhlbornBobbi BaughChristine CastanoCindy EricksonCynthia LevisKathleen McCabeThelma NewburyGeri Patterson-Kutras


Pet Love - curated by Martha Sielman

Everyone in my family has pets: dogs, cats, guinea pigs. They bring love and laughter to our lives.

Jane HaworthLaurie RussmanJayne GaskinsHelen GoddenKatherine DossmanSonya PrchalClaire MonaghanCarla Corbin


Portraits: Look into my Eyes - curated by Pat Gould

These pieces have such different messages but they all evoke strong emotions when looking at their faces. 

Jayne GaskinsJane Haworth Patricia Kennedy-ZafredSonya PrchalSue ShermanSusan SmithJackie StoaksMaria Stoller


Virtual Vacation- curated by Jennifer Solon

Will you join me on my virtual vacation to these beautiful spots?

Judith Ahlborn JoAnn Camp Kathleen McCabe Carrie Payne James Reese  Joan Sowada Kathleen Callaghan Vicki Conley