2018 Benefit Auction - Dream Collections 

We invited our viewers to create their ideal collection curated from the beautiful Benefit Auction quilts created and donated by our generous and talented members. We asked "In a perfect world, which artworks would you select for your very own?"

Below are some of the wonderful collections we received.


Oh Orange! - curated by Jeanne Marklin

I have about 14 auction quilts and about 5 years ago decided to focus on ones that included orange. My guest bedroom is orange and I want to hang them all together. Orange walls glow in the daytime and feel very womb like at night. The warmth of benefit auction quilts make the room feel cozy and visually intriguing!

Margaret Abramshe  Agusta Agustsson  Martha Wolfe  Charlotte Bird  Diane Born  Rachel Derstine


Favourites - curated by Heidi Drahota

Inspired by my first view. 

Libby Williamson  Claire Passmore  Judith Pauly-Bender  Gerrie Congdon  Karen Johnson  Deidre Adams


The Natural World - curated by Claire Passmore

We live in a beautiful place - if only we take the time to see.

Heidi Drahota  Sheila Gaquin  Cat Larrea  Judith Pauly-Bender  Lorraine Roy  Dianne Gibson


The Value of Colour - curated by Lorraine Parker

Colour inspires me every single day. It can be soft or strong and can change so dramatically in nature. To capture the essence of colour in textile art is inspirational.

Peg Green  Lisa Ellis  Annette Rogers  Christine Beardsley  Sara Sharp  Sue Domeney


Line Dancing - curated by Gerrie Congdon

I selected pieces where the use of line is an important design element and creates movement in the piece.

Chiaki Dosho  Helen Godden  Sherri Lipman McCauley  Lynn Koolish  Dianne Firth  Carolyn Collins


Light in the Landscape - curated by Michelle Weatherson

How the artful use of light in the landscape enhances what the viewer sees and experiences.

Joanne Alberda Cat Larrea  Cheryl Lipari  April Foster  Carole Frocillo  Debra Goley


Tell Me a Story - curated by Sarah Ann Smith

If a picture paints a thousand words, sometimes a title can write a story.

Pam Lowe  Harriett Rynberk  Sue Willows Raznikov  Hope Wilmarth  Sue Siefkin  Bobbe Shapiro Nolan


Pet Project - curated by Margaret Blank

I'm a Certified Cat Person -- and recently lost a scrawny stray despite my attempts to save him. I don't understand animal abuse any more than abuse of humans or the environment. I'm honouring "Mr. Man-cat" and my very lively Miss Pookie-cat -- as well as all other pets -- with my collection this year.

Margaret Abramshe  Patt Bagdon  Katherine Dossman  Susan Else  Leigh Layton  Jodi Scaltreto


Circles in Motion - curated by Ann Moroz

In many quilts with circles there is a feeling of motion.

Hope Wilmarth  Lynn Koolish  Sherri Lipman McCauley  Martha Wolfe   Peg Green  Laurie Russman


Rhythm-and-Blues of Nature - curated by Danka Kruszewska

These works all together emit my mood of last three years: from mourning thru calmness to hope for joy of life (not necessarily in this order).

Roberta Chalfy Miller  Sue Dennis  Maya Madhavan  Monica Jarnot  Judy Langille  Roberta Price Willet


Simple and Clean - curated by Sylvia Weir

As the title suggests, I like uncluttered representational pieces; these pieces appealed to me because the emotional connection was strong between the artist and the viewer was strong. I could feel the artist standing beside me. A feeling of place was transmitted through these pieces. And there was some red in each piece--they would look great together in my living room. (and not match the couch).

Margaret Inkster  Joanne Alberda  Carolyn Collins  Judith Kreiger  Susie Goodman  Wendy Maliszewski


November Dreams - curated by Ellen November

I look for composition, color, and subject matter.  

Valerie Goodwin  Sally Wright  Kathi Battles  Sara Kelly  The Pixeladies  Muff Fregia   


Lines, Shapes, Colors - curated by Martha Warshaw

The power of abstract work. 

Sue Benner  Tommy Fitzsimmons  Kathleen Kastles  Rose Klein  Cindy Loos  Uta Lenk


Through the Eyes of a Child - curated by Gwyned Trefethen

My six year old granddaughter and I spent a delightful time looking over the auction artworks and selecting her 15 favorites. She then had the difficult task of whittling them down to these delightful six.

Margaret Abramshe  Jeannie Bench  Monica Jarnot  Kestrel Michaud  Denise Oyama Miller  Sue Rienzo


Verticality - curated by Geneviève Attinger

Those representational or abstract works have a similarity: one direction.

Judy Langille  Michelle Perkins  Heather Pregger  Jeannette Schoennagel  Brenda Smith  Kathy Suprenant


Urban Dreams - curated by Heather Hager

Architecture and objects that might be found in urban settings, which have their own sort of aesthetic beauty.

K. Velis Turan  Mickey Lawler  Judith Ahlborn  Cindy Brendzel  Teresa Shippy  Valerie Goodwin


Five Circles and a Grid - curated by Sarah Ann Smith

I love circles, so my first collection was Five Circles and a Line. Here are five more Circles, with a grid for contrast!

Karen Hansen  Lynn Koolish  Laura Jaszkowski  Patricia Gaska  Martha Wolfe  Alicia Merrett


Silent Snow, Secret Snow - curated by Daiva Markelis

Perhaps because I was born in January in the Midwest, I've always loved winter. The first snow, the bare branches of trees, the stillness of a cold December night--these fill me with a sense of quiet wonder.

 Sarah Entsminger  Sharon Jaeger Judy Langille  Dorothy Raymond  Brenda Smith  Judith Kreiger


Rhapsody in Blue - curated by Iina Alho

Blue has always been "my color", and I love to see how other art quilters use it in their artwork.

Margaret Blank  Anne Burns Johnson  Susan Leslie Lumsden  Maya Chaimovich  Nancy Bryant   Fabienne Peter-Contesse


Love of Nature - curated by Cheryl Lipari

I love how the artists have captured the beauty in nature.

Christine Beardsley  Donna Deaver  Gwen Goepel  Judith Kreiger  Laura Jaszkowski  Jenny Williams


Natural Resources - curated by Regula Affolter

Inspired by everyday life. 

The Pixeladies  Deidre Adams  Dorothy Raymond  Libby Williamson  Judith Content  Valerie Goodwin


Hidden Narrative - curated by Deborah Boschert

Each of these quilts uses words or text or the suggestion of text as an intriguing pattern. What are the stories behind these quilts? Whose words are they?

Christi Beckmann  Marge Bresel  Jetta Clover  The Pixeladies  Ann SandersonSue Willows Raznikov


Human Faces - curated by Lisa Jenni

The face is like a topographical map, if one can read it, it's full of stories to be told.

Jenny Bowker  Bodil Gardner  Judith Quinn Garnett  Virginia Greaves  Keri Bas  Patricia Kennedy Zafred


Let Me Tell You What's on my Mind - curated by Kris Sazaki

Whether they are looking to the right, to the left, or straight on, all these portraits invite you to see what they’re seeing. I was less interested in technique than I was in the overall emotion that each work evoked. I would love to have these women (yes, I purposely decided to limit the collection to portraits of women) adorn my wall and beg me to let them tell me their stories.

Keri Bas  Judith Quinn Garnett  Sharon Buck  Genevieve Attinger  Karol Kusmaul  Virginia Greaves


Taking a Hard Line - curated by Linda Syverson Guild

Abstract lines are frequesntly the basis for future development. I saw architectural influence in each of these pieces. As well a flow of color from one piece to the next.

Karen Johnson  Regina Marzlin  Kathleen Kastles  Alicia Merrett  Ruan Robertson  Heather Pregger


Fish Stories - curated by Doris Hulse

Fish Stories have been told for centuries. They have a reputation for being somewhat realistic and colorful or wildly exaggerated to total abstractions of reality. It seemed there were more that a few pieces related to fish, and I was struck by the wide variety of techniques and images that fit into the idea and scope of fish stories.

 Linda A. Campbell  Helen Godden  Leslie Jennings  Katie Walwyn  Sue Siefkin  Martha Wolfe 


Burst of Red - curated by Beth Smith

Red with a bold, geometric or abstract impact.

Joanne Alberda  Ludmila Aristova  Sue Dennis  Uta Lenk  Pat Pease  Christine Seager


Earth Ochre - curated by Jennie Johnston

I was struck by the vivid oranges in these pieces. Whether orange is the main color or used as an accent, there is a rich boldness to the use of it in these six pieces.

Jayne Gaskins  Bella Kaplan  Ann Luther  Susan Mathews

Lorraine Roy  Andra Stanton


Soft with a Splash of KaPow! - curated by Wen Redmond

Contrasts and softness, neutrals and color, awareness awakened as with a zen mediation bell. 

Jetta Clover  Heidi Drahota  Muff Fregia  Sherri Lipman McCauley  The Pixeladies  Jean Renli Jurgenson


Referencing the Form - curated by Chris Nielsen

I was struck by pieces which reference the traditional quilt form of repeated elements. These use innovative materials and construction techniques to bring the idea of a quilt forward, while honouring its origins.

Judith Content  Kathleen McCabe  Judith Pauly-Bender  Eti David  Susan Smith  Harriett Rynberk


Bold Landscape - curated by Nancy Turbitt

I am always drawn to strong color. Here I am also seeing how graphics, shape and boldness of color form amazing landscapes.

Joanne Alberda  Dianne Firth  April Foster  Cat Larrea  Sara Sharp  Michelle Perkins


Psychedelics - curated by Mary Green

The bright, intense colors of psychedelic art.

Judy Steward  Laurie Russman  Phillippa Lack  Carol Esch  Edith Bieri Hanselmann  Patricia Arndt


Colour and Shape - curated by Connie Rohman

Clean, graphic shapes with a cohesive colour scheme.

Ramona Conconi  Monique Gilbert  Ruby Horansky  Connie Rohman  Lou Ann Smith  Anne Solomon


Contemplative - curated by Cay Denise

I find the selected pieces to have a quietness, quieting aspect, or soft elegance to them that are very appealing. They all have nice lines and shapes, whether from fabrics or stitching, that the eye can restfully travel and appreciate.

Cat Larrea  Rachel Derstine  Linda Syverson Guild  Anne Solomon  Cynthia Levis  Karen Johnson


The Blues - curated by Deb Cashatt

I love the combination of blue and brown. In hot, smoky California it reminded me of cooler days ahead.

Judith Ahlborn  Patricia Kennedy Zafred  Lois Wilby Hooper  Cindy Erickson  Rebecca Kemble  Karen Johnson


On the Surface - curated by Judith Quinn Garnett

I am so inspired and driven by complex surface design.

 Pat Pauly  Judith Pauly-Bender  Regina Marzlin  Linda Laird  Charlotte Bird  Christi Beckmann


Bathed in Moonlight - curated by Eileen Searcy

A luminescent disc and furtive shadows never cease to tantalize me.

Stephanie Crawford  Hope Wilmarth  Judith Trager  Judith Kreiger  Laura Jaszkowski  Linda Colsh


A Pink World - curated by Susan Rienzo

The color Pink can be powerful. I have a new appreciation for pink.

Buffy Beggs  Mary Schwarzenberger  Muff Fregia  Cheryl Lipari   Marianne Williamson  Gwyned Trefethen


Water, Water Everywhere - curated by Pat Gould

I grew up on the Atlantic Ocean, then lived on the Pacific Ocean for years then settled in New Mexico in 1993. Since leaving the moist climate of the east coast, I have been deeply affected by the lack of water, severe droughts, and wildfires. Water is so precious to those of us in the western states. 

Donna Deaver  Gwen Goepel  Mary Louise Gerek  Laura Jaszkowski  Cat Larrea  Jenny Williams


Mysteries of the Universe Plus a Chicken - curated by Wendy Hill

I started with the quilts and found the theme...

Edith Bieri Hanselmann  Lynn Koolish  Barbara Triscari  Mary Ann Van Soest  Hope Wilmarth  Jeannie Moore


All the Crayons - curated by Vivien Zepf

I love how these artists have used hues, shades, and tints of all the colors in the crayons box. Swoon!

Maria Shell  Jeanelle McCall  Peg Green  Marya Lowe  Hellen Godden  Debra Goley


Five Circles and a Line - curated by Sarah Ann Smith

I love circles, but a circle is simply a round line, so you need a line, too, perfection in complex minimalism.

Gerrie Congdon  Susan Else  Lorraine Roy  Judith Content  Sherri Lipman McCauley  Sarah Entsminger


The Ever Changing Beach - curated by Gwen Goepel

My love of the Ocean and Gratitude for Living on the Beach!

Phyllis Cullen  Sue Domeney  Carole Frocillo  Gwen Goepel  Susan Hilsenbeck  Michele Kincaid


Nature Never Makes a Mistake - curated by Nancy Ryan

I love the natural landscapes that surround me daily in Northern Nevada. These landscapes are what inspires me in my art quilt journey and my selections from the 2018 Auction Donations.

B. J. Adams  Donna Akins  Jennifer Conrad  Donna Deaver  Laura Jaszkowski  Cat Larrea


Summertime - curated by Shannon Conley

Summer on the lake- the heat that overcomes you on a sailboat when a calm hits, and the refreshing feeling of the wind picking up- turning into it and moving across the surface of the water.

Robert Bein  Pat Bishop  Carol Croce  Barbara Hanson   Christine Predd   Lou Ann Smith 


Look into my eyes - curated by Diane Howell

I like things that are direct. Looking someone in the eye gives a direct connection to their soul and what they are thinking.

Margaret Abramshe  Patt Bagdon    Jenny Bowker  Shelly Burge  Bodil Gardner  Judith Quinn Garnett


A Touch of Blue and Some Circles Too - curated by Sonia Grasvik 

A lovely collection of blues with our favorite symbol, the circle.

Patricia Gaska   Gerrie Congdon   Wendy Bucey  Judith Content  Sandra Sider    Sherri Lipman McCauley


Visitors in my Garden - curated by Martha Sielman

I love watching butterflies and bees enjoying my garden's flowers.

Maria Terezinha Cardoso Lisa Dodson Kathleen McCabe Kestrel Michaud Anna Marie Peterson Nanette S. Zeller


Pet Parade - curated by Jennifer Solon

A celebration of all the pet companions that enrich our lives.

Margaret Abramshe Patt Bagdon Katherine Dossman Susan Else Jodi Scaltreto Ruth Powers