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2016 Benefit Auction - Dream Collections 

SAQA’s signature fundraising event starts September 16!

We invited SAQA members to choose six Benefit Auction quilts that fit a favorite theme or that they were particularly inspired by.

Take a look at these great selections! Thank you to everyone who participated.


If only I could... Dreaming! - Bethany Garner

These SAQA artists invite a closer look because their work is innovative, and the creativity excels. I was drawn to the colour, texture, movement and story lines that came to mind - definitely caused me to go to their website and find MORE work to explore. Blog Post » 

Barbara Schneider Brooke Atherton Carole Frocillo Cuauhtemoc Q. KishEliza BrewsterElizabeth Busch


Balance - Kathleen Kastles 

These quilts caught my eye with their use of color, and because they have excellent balance between negative and positive space, tension and restfulness. And maybe because they are as different from my art quilts as it is possible to be.   

Norma Schlager Pamela Morris Pat GaskaDebra GoleyHeather Pregger Natalya Aikens

The Texture of the Stitch - curated by Cindy Grisdela 

The texture created by the stitching lines in these pieces are a big part of the appeal for me.

Helen GoddenDebbie Kauffman Karen Schulz Marisa MarquezMaryte CollardRachel Derstine    


A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words - curated by Wen Redmond

Photography on fiber inspires me. The tender sensitivity of seeing, sends me into inspiration! Blog Post » 

Hope Wilmarth Barbara Schneider Janis Doucette Jill KerttulaEliza BrewsterDeborah Fell

Rhythms, Lines, Meanings - curated by Lyn Wolf Jackson

The dance of abstract lines that talk to us.

Brooke AthertonElena Stokes Carolyn V. CollinsSylvia WeirJane Dunnewold Pat Gaska  


Made in Europe - curated by Uta Lenk

Having volunteered for SAQA as a co-rep for the region for several years, and on the brink of retiring from this 'job', I thought I would celebrate this multifold and interesting region by picking the dream collection from their ranks. 

Maryte CollardHeidi Drahota Vera Holmgren Wil Opio Oguta Shoshi Rimer Christine Seager  

Journeys - curated by Cay MacKenzie

The pieces give a sense of dimensional movement from one place or space to another.

Alison SchwabeCarolyn Henson Kate Crossley Robyn McGrath Sheila Frampton-CooperSusan Else


Inspired structured pieces - curated by Jenny Hearn

Excellent composition.

Suzan EnglerCarole FrocilloNatalya AikensMargaret Ramsay Jill KerttulaDonna Deaver  

The Number is Three - curated by Mary Green

Maybe it is all of the triple flips in the Olympic gymnastic events but I keep seeing threes.

Colleen Ansbaugh Lorie McCown Sandi Goldstein Esther BruckelBarbara SchulmanElaine Jones


Trees that Speak to Me - curated by Judy Warner

I have always found silouhettes of trees catch my attention and cause me to stop, breathe, and contemplate. Each of these caused me to pause and appreciate the artistry both of the fiber artist and Mother Nature. Blog Post »

Lin Schiffner Anne DaughtryKathy Brown Caroline Higgs Annette RogersNanette S. Zeller


Darwin's dreaming - curated by Giselle Burningham

Charles Darwin's love of the diversity of plant life on this planet is shown by the incredible and detailed exploration by these talented artists. As Darwin showed: artists will adapt to their local conditions and no plant will be the same.

Anne Maundrell Aileyn Renli Ecob Averil Stuart-Head Denise GriffithsIsabelle Wiessler Jane Haworth  


Color - curated by Flox den Hartog Jager

Good composition, abstraction with just that little bit of color.   

Anna BrownColleen Ansbaugh Deborah Boschert Diane GlosDiane Melms Heather Pregger    


Yellow, Orange, Rust- curated by Gail Sims

Three colors I hardly use but am attracted to almost immediately.

Colleen WoottonDebo HysackDiane MelmsJennifer SolonNorma SchlagerPatricia Porter  


Wish I'd Thought of That... - curated by Terry Waldron

As I looked at the auction quilts, each of these 6 pieces made me wish I'd have thought of that very design. Darn!

Anne DaughtryCarole FrocilloCindy FriedmanFenella DaviesJane Dunnewold Nancy Woods  

Simple is Best - curated by Nancy Ryan

The simplicity of each piece is what caught my eye.

Anne SolomonChristine Seager Carolyn WalwynAlison Schwabe Donna Deaver Jean Renli Jurgenson  


Gridiness - curated by Deb Cashatt

Squares, rectangles and the things within the grid lines. 

Karen MillerJane DunnewoldKate Crossley Judy LangilleDiane GlosBrooke Atherton    


Leave Me Alone - curated by Bill Reker

just a moment
to escape
from noise and confusion
inside a 12 inch square.

Aileyn Renli Ecob Jaynie Himsl Averil Stuart-Head Erika CarterArja Speelman Anne Maundrell


Up Close and Personal - curated by Gwen Goepel

Amazing Animals!

Jeannie Palmer MooreKatie Walwyn Gwen GoepelCat LarreaCasey PuetzNancy Ryan


I Wanna Live There! - curated by Kris Sazaki

I love to walk in the city and explore the abundant architecture found there. Blog Post »

K. Velis TuranNatalya AikensDolores Miller Heather DubreuilDeborah FellJudith Ahlborn  


A Lovely Bouquet - curated by Bev Haring

I love having flowers in the house -- this bouquet would last forever!   

Barbara Yates BeasleyBeth Miller Jane Haworth Keats Scott Michelle Perkins Sarah Ann Smith  


Blue - curated by Heidi Drahota

A passion for blue

Jean Marshall Helen Beaven Heidi DrahotaLisa WaltonMary VaneeckeCaroline Higgs    


Into the Woods - curated by Susan Lapham

These quilts remind me of my annual camping trek into the great northern woods of Canada.

Sharon Wiley HightowerJamie FingalTeresa Shippy Kathy York Bonnie J. Smith Anne Severn


Keeping Appointments With Trees - curated by Cynthia Wenslow

I am a life-long dendrophile, with a small-but-growing art collection centered around trees.

Jennifer Landau Belinda Hart Carole Frocillo Caroline Higgs Diane Wright Nanette S. Zeller


Green - curated by Susan Lapham

Green - the word comes from the same root words as grass and grow. To me, green is a symbol of life, spring, hope....

Charlotte RogersGisha Wogier Monique Gilbert Phillida Hargreaves Lisa Flowers Ross Debbie Kauffman   


Intriguingly Neutral - curated by Virginia A. Spiegel

All of these artworks read as neutral, but I would love to have all of them on my walls as there would be something new to see in them every day.

Maggie VanderweitWen Redmond Sandra Newton Linda LairdRasa Mauragis Judy Langille


Passionate Passages - curated by Carolyn Wollen

Enticing doors I want to walk through! I have always described finding quilting as opening a door to find a wonderful party going on. How many other doors should I open?

Buff McAllisterDorothy Heidemann-NelsonJill KerttulaRachel DerstineChristine Nielsen Janis Doucette  

The West - curated by Dorothy Raymond

It's different out here in the western US and Canada. These artists have captured the essence of the west, in all its flavors.

Christi Beckmann Cynthia Wenslow Sara Sharp Patti Morris Ellie Kreneck Mary T. Green  


Eye, ay, ay! - curated by Elena Stokes

The eyes definitely have it.

Kathleen KastlesKathleen McCabe Katie WalwynGenevieve AttingerRegula AffolterSherri Culver

Media-free Zone - curated by Martha Wolfe

A quiet, peaceful, collection of soothing colors and slow stitch. More Info »

Sue Dennis Alison MuirElisabeth Nacenta de la Croix Rasa Mauragis Jean Marshall Margaret Ramsay


It's All In The Lines - curated by Brigitte Red

I'm currently trying to grasp the elements and principles of design, so I sought examples that demonstrated the element of line.

Judith LarzelereMaryte CollardCharlotte Ziebarth Chris TaylorChristine NielsenNorma Schlager    


Colour! - curated by Linda Robertus

I am always drawn to colourful quilts

Barbara Blanchard	Carol Churchill Diane MelmsDonna Dynes Kate Stiassni Marion Shimoda  

Calm, Cool and Collected - curated by Sarah Entsminger

At this time of year, tempers seem to rise over both the prolonged summer heat as well as the upcoming election season. These pieces provide a calm, cool retreat from the heat.

Christine Hager-Braun Elena StokesElisabeth Nacenta de la CroixLinda EngstromLisa Flowers RossPatti Morris      

Color Wheel - curated by Dorothy Raymond

What an impact a monotone color scheme has! Yes, we have a complete color wheel!

Carol Martin-DavisDianne FirthNorma SchlagerSuzan EnglerSonya Prchal Dolores Miller  

Just because! - curated by Michele O'Neil Kincaid

Challenging myself to choose ONLY 6!!!!

Michelle GoldsmithCarol ChurchillCarole FrocilloCheryl JordanDeborah FellMary Ritter

Graphic Inspirations - curated by Susan Rienzo

Playful rhythm, color and lines inspire me!

Jane FrenkeKaren SchulzKate StiassniKaren RipsNorma SchlagerPamela Morris    

The Natural World- curated by Mary Ann Van Soest

I just love nature and certain colors.

Sue de Vanny Jane Haworth Cuauhtemoc Q. KishDaren Redman Arja Speelman Anne Maundrell  

I Want These - curated by Andra Stanton

My happiness

Susan ElseDenise HavlanDiane NunezHeather DubreuilK. Velis TuranMaria Shell  

Drought - curated by Kathleen McCabe

Thinking about the California drought.

Linda Engstrom Barbara Yates BeasleyBrigitte Kopp Carol CroceSue RasmussenDoris Hulse

Red Blooms - curated by Lisa Ellis

Gabriele DiTotaJane HaworthMelody McGinnisBeth Miller Terri Stegmiller Juanita Yeager    

Oceania Collection

From the earthy colors to cool blues, artwork from our Oceania members certainly represents the diversity and beauty of their vast region. View entire collection >

Dianne Firth Kathy Brown Rasa MauragisAlison Muir Lisa CallSue Dennis

Big Black Birds - curated by Kathleen McCabe

Ravens and Crows

Cat LarreaDebo Brooks Dorothy RaymondGinnie Hebert Michele B. Lea Judith Roderick    

Watery Shallows - curated by Alison Schwabe

These quilts are inspired by the edges or shallows along coasts, rivers and lakes, where movement and growth of living creatures happen. It's a theme that has inspired work of my own in the past.

Alison Muir Ann Scott Anne DaughtryMargaret RamsayMartha WolfeElisabeth Nacenta de la Croix    

Aerial views - curated by Denise Schmidt

Distance creates abstraction

Dorothy Raymond Debra GoleyAlicia MerrettCatherine McDonald Cathy KleemanShoshi Rimer  


Black Bird Singing - curated by Maggie Vanderweit

Yesterday I picked up a black feather I found on the ground. The Beatles song is a perennial favourite and in my experience blackbirds are messengers from the spirit world.

Cat LarreaJudith RoderickNancy Ryan    Debo BrooksSonia GrasvikGinnie Hebert


Pure abstraction- curated by Elizabeth Bennett

I love abstract work and strong color.

Maryte Collard Lisa Flowers Ross Heather Pregger Daren RedmanDiane Melms Mandy Miller  


Dreamscapes - curated by KM Dombrowski

Each of these pieces have an ethearal, other-worldly quality. Beautiful detail, line, and rhythm. They invite the viewer to step in closer to experience a subtle sense of motion and dreaminess. Just lovely!

Cat LarreaLin Schiffner Jill KerttulaElisabeth Nacenta de la Croix Loreen Leedy Martha Wolfe      


Repeated Elements - curated by Christine Nielsen

There is quiet power and mystery in repetition.

Alison Schwabe Catherine McDonald Jenny K. LyonJudy LangilleLinda LairdSandra Sider  


A Multitude of Talent - curated by Patricia Porter

Inspired by their amazing talent!

Elena Stokes Jane Dunnewold Denise Oyama Miller Karen RipsJennifer SolonWen Redmond  


Refreshing Waters - curated by Lisa Ellis

On a hot summer day, I'm dreaming of one of these lovely water escapes.

Andrea Luliak Anne DaughtryKathie BriggsLynn B. Welsch Nancy WoodsSue Reno  

Women in Yellow - curated by Martha Sielman

There are so many great portraits this year, and many of them seem to involve yellow...

Susan ShieSusan ElseKathleen McCabeGeri Patterson-Kutras Susan Walen Olga Norris  


A Passion for Pottery - curated by Jennifer Solon

Barbara SchneiderTerri Stegmiller Chantal GuillermetDeborah BoschertMarcia YoungLisa Walton