2017 Benefit Auction - Dream Collections 

SAQA’s signature fundraising event starts September 15!

Each year everyone is invited to create their ideal collection curated from the beautiful Benefit Auction quilts created and donated by our generous and talented members. We asked "In a perfect world, which artworks would you select for your very own?"

Here are the great mini collections curated by our members. Thank you to all everyone participated!

Don't miss out on your chance to create YOUR collection of quilts - bidding for this year's auction starts September 15!


What Stories They Might Tell ? - curated by Sue Burk

Originally I used my Snipping tool to copy only these six and two others to add to my picture file. Later I thought it would be fun to make a Dream Collection from them but didn't have a title. I had to see if there was a connecting theme from them or why I was drawn to these few. It seemed they all had a story to tell, as Wen Redmond wrote, a mystery.

I'm drawn to people/portraits in quilts and always techniques - how did they do that? These all seemed to have that also.

Genevieve AttingerLinda Colsh Michelle JacksonKarol KusmaulJoan SowadaPatricia Kennedy-Zafred	 


Growing Up Midwestern- curated by Emily Sandelin

I'm a westerner at heart, but I grew up in Indiana.  In the fall I often feel nostalgic for the best of my childhood: fishing with Dad, riding my bike by farms; family get-togethers; summer thunderstorms; and the unique beauty of the woods and fields of my youth.

Jane Patrick Julia	 GraberMartha WolfeLee Vause   Elena StokesRuth	 Carden          


red green - curated by Heidi Drahota

The most expressive contrast of colour

Sonja Campbell  Maryte CollardBarbara Confer  Pam HansenBodil GardnerHeidi Drahota    


Face Forward - curated by Nysha Oren Nelson

I love figurative art; drawing, painting, sculpture and seeing the figure rendered in fabric and stitch is exciting!

Genevieve AttingerCynthia	ParrySusan ElseMichelle JacksonMargaret	PhillipsSusan Shie  


Red Things - curated by Mary Ann Van Soest

The color red. Striking and a stand out. All of these quilts could come to my house I love them all.

Colleen AnsbaughSonja Campbell  Maryte CollardHeather Pregger Lisa DodsonMary Ann Van Soest  



A Certain Longing to Roam - curated by Marika Pineda

When I was a kid a certain restlessness would build up in the household, until someone cried, "Let's go somewhere!" We'd hop in the car and go exploring, just to see a landscape moving. I still get that way from time to time.

Wen	 RedmondAndrea LuliakLisa	JenniValerie GoodwinCatherine McDonaldMarilyn Rembolt


Critters I'd like to meet - curated by Kristin Shields

These are some of my favorite animal pieces. I wish I could choose more than 6!

Daphne AlexanderJane HaworthCat LarreaJanett Rice	Hope WilmarthMartha Wolfe    


Keep Our Trees Green! - curated by Heidi Zielinski

Living with lots of forest fire smoke and home evacuations in our valley this summer, I am thinking about how black our hillsides will be come next summer! Makes you appreciate green trees!!

Dorothy	Raymond	Aileyn Renli Ecob Heidi Zielinski	Heidi HeuermanMary GoodsonAnne Maundrell  


Nature's Glory - curated by Willa McClain

Inspired by nature and the quilter's rendering of a natural scene.

Jeannie	Schoennagel Jean	 GrimesVirginia MillingtonAnne Maundrell Dorothy	Raymond	Nancy Ryan    

HandStitcheryLoveEmbroidery - curated by Cristina Robbiani

I love hand embroidery, hand quilting, and hand embellishments....

Sylvia	WeirLynda ChristiansenPeggy Brown Julie	 Haddrick Uta	LenkJoyce Perz  


For Those without Voices - curated by Chris Guarnieri

Over the years, my husband and I have been privileged to rescue many animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses), flowers, plants, trees. I believe we have a responsibility to be stewards wherever we are, to ensure we pass what we have on to the next seven generations.

These quilts remind me of the joys of that stewardship, especially when things go wrong.

Margaret	Abramshe Eliza	 Brewster	Sue	de Vanny Lyn Wolf	JacksonMary Ann Van SoestTrish Hodge


Layer and Line - curated by Margaret Blank

For the past several months I've been exploring abstraction and dabbling in surface design -- ideas and techniques that took me by surprise.  This collection is composed of pieces that have drawn me to them by their creators' use of layering (or the appearance thereof) and line in abstract images. More Details »

Regula AffolterAnn	Anastasio Nancy Bryant Ruth	 CardenCathy KleemanSusan Purney Mark



Orange is Energy! - curated by Daniela Dancelli

Orange is a beautiful colour, vibrant and warm.
Valerie GoodwinPam HansenDebo Hysack Kathleen	Kastles Judy WarnerGay Young


Journey - curated by Jane Haworth

I'm drawn to the feeling of distance and travel in these quilts. The colours offer the tranquility of a restful place without having to leave home.

Sonja Campbell  Connie Marie FahrionPam HansenPatricia PorterElena Stokes Charlotte	Ziebarth


Endless Horizons - curated by Dorothy Raymond

These abstract landscapes share a sense of depth, of going on forever to the horizon.

Fenella DaviesRuth PowersElena StokesElisabeth	Nacenta-de la CroixCarol Kimble Donna Deaver



Tranquility Base - curated by Judy Warner

In these troubled times, it is good to have art in our homes that can help us to re-center and get in touch with our vision and purpose. These pieces spoke of tranquility to me. More Details »

Pam	LoweKaye Martindale Frances Murphy Candice	PhelanDorothy	Raymond	Ruth	 Reed  

Landscapes - curated by Lisa Jenni

Artist's see line, shape, color, hue and perspective in what makes up what we want to see: valleys, mountains, water, fields and nature.

Sonja Campbell  Shannon	ConleyNancy WoodsDorothy	Raymond	Elena Stokes Jean	 Grimes


Gentle on my mind - curated by Ann Moroz

As I looked through the quilts I realized that some had a calming effect on me.

Peggy Brown Regina Dunn Mary Goodson Doris Hulse	Sheilana Massey	Esther Bruckel


Fowl Play- curated by Brigitte Red

Inspiration sometimes comes like flight, spreading it's creativity like the outspread wings of the birds, sometimes settling softly on the branch of an idea.  Let your inspiration take flight.

Terry AskeEsther Bruckel	Sue	de Vanny Helen GoddenJulie	 Haddrick Sherry Davis Kleinman


Perspectives in color - curated by Candace Hackett Shively

Some of my strongest memories are of colors. These pieces create memorable scenes through their colors, scenes I could recall with my eyes closed, perhaps even in a dream.

Ellen	 BourassaJanet WindsorJan SoulesConnie RohmanAlicia MerrettApril	 Foster


The Mystery - curated by Wen Redmond

Who is that? Where is that? How did they do that? Why did they do that?
The 21st century art quilt explores the surface, makes marks and pushes the limits. It is an expression, a creation and a shared perception!

Genevieve AttingerSheila GaquinPatricia Kennedy-Zafred	Cat LarreaKathy Angel LeeClaire Passmore  



The Grays Have It - curated by Chris Nielsen

Gray makes a powerful statement wherever it appears.

Barbara SchneiderLinda ColshVera	 Holmgren Susan Lenz Wen	 RedmondRegina Dunn  


Math - curated by Lynellen Perry

Images that remind me of mathematical concepts.

Suzan Engler	Dianne FirthKarlie McChesney	Maria Shell Kristin Shields    Nancy Bryant  

Stark Reality - curated by Diane Howell

Deep loss and sadness have predominated my life the last six months. My sense of gray is compromised.

Genevieve AttingerPatricia PorterJoAnn CampLinda ColshGabriele DiTota Claire Passmore    


Red Dot Series - curated by Kathleen McCabe

I like dots and my favorite color is red.

Joanne AlberdaDianne FirthDiane EnglishMartha Sielman	Anne Burns JohnsonLinda A. Miller


In Spirit - curated by Nancy Morgen

These quilts reflect the human spirit, it's joys and it's sorrows, but always it's hope.

Katherine Dombrowski Kate	 BrausVera	 HolmgrenPatricia Kennedy-Zafred	Cynthia	ParryJane Patrick    

Orange You Glad--and a Little Blue - curated by Roslyn DeBoer

These orange and blue pieces make me feel bright and happy.

Robin Fischer Connie Marie FahrionPamela Morris Judith	TragerFloris Flam Lee	Eun Hee  

Summertime, and water on my mind... - curated by Bethany Garner

I love to work with water themes in my own artwork, but the artists here are sharing their special relationships with lakes, rivers, waterways and the ocean. Please join me in celebrating the artists, their creativity and their willingness to give away their special art in support of our Association that means so much in their professional arts practice.

Deborah	Boschert Amy Witherow Gunnel HagJudith ContentDonna Deaver Jean	 Grimes


Aviary - curated by Connie Griner

Birds are a never-ending source of visual delight.

Esther Bruckel	Helen GoddenCat LarreaTerry Aske Aileyn Renli Ecob Julie	 Haddrick  


Blue and yellow - curated by Jaynie Himsl

Most of the Benefit quilts I've purchased seem to have a blue and yellow theme. These would fit with my collection quite comfortably.

Fenella DaviesJane FrenkeGreta HildebrandMaya MadhavanMary SchwarzenbergerMary Sneyd    


Contemporary Expressions - curated by Susan Rienzo

Inspirational color and lines for me!

Tommy Fitzsimmons Alison SchwabeJan SoulesJane FrenkeJanet WindsorLinda A. Miller  


Unknown Adventures - curated by Sheilana Massey

These creations draw me into unknown places hinting of adventurous creativity.

Maya Madhavan Carol LeitchBarbara WilliamsonKarlie McChesney	Ann Luther Karen Johnson  


Color Play - curated by Lisa Ellis

Experiencing all the colors of the rainbow creates a spirit of whimsy and joy.

Diane Nunez Linda EvansMary T. Green Diane Melms Alicia MerrettMaria Shell


Beautiful Movement - curated by Donna Deaver

Beautiful rhythm that draws me in and keeps me there. Each one is a delightful dance!

Deborah	BoschertMary SchwarzenbergerHelen GoddenLisa	Jenni Susan LaphamBella Kaplan    


Abstractions - curated by Wendy Hill

The collection formed as I jotted down the ones that spoke to me this morning, in this moment.

Nancy Bryant Diane Nunez Susan Purney MarkMary Schwarzenberger Kristin Shields    Sandra Sider


Round and Round - curated by Denise Schmidt

Circles -- energy, motion, balance.

Valerie Goodwin Charlotte	ZiebarthJan SoulesCarol Kimble Daphne Taylor Sherri Lipman	McCauley  


Soul Shadows - curated by Jennie Johnson

Each of these pieces draws the viewer in and gives space to move around between mark making and layers. Art work that is compelling to me always offers up more complexity with each encounter.

Linda ColshRoslyn DeBoer Dianne FirthSonia GrasvikJeanne MarklinBarbara Schneider


Handwork Makes the Dream Work - curated by Mary T. Green

I'm inspired by the abundance of handwork in many of this year's pieces including hand embroidery, hand quilting, and hand embellishments.  So many to choose from!

Sylvia	Weir Marty Ornish Uta	LenkJo Anne Hill Martha Sielman	Cristina Robbiani    


Memories and good advice - curated by Suzanne Ramsay

I'm on the second to last day of a journey that required me to bring my mother's ashes to her home village. It has been a bittersweet experience. I have found some freedom in fulfilling her wish and I am now ready to move on. My mother's name was Gratia which is Latin for grace. I made thank you cards with little birds printed from the map of her village, embroidered with a heart-she embroidered. Sweet Pea looks like her last dog. She loved the song ´The lion sleeps tonight', and I hope she is reunited with her husband my father. She was born on a farm, and she collected cows - Moving on, I think are her advice to me.

Jo AppletonPatricia BagdonSusan Auden Wood Susan ElseNancy N.	Erickson	Martha Wolfe    


The Strength of Trees - curated by Cynthia Wenslow

This oak tree and me, we’re made of the same stuff. ~  Carl Sagan

Helen Beaven	Cheryl Lipari	Anne Maundrell Dorothy	Raymond	Nancy Ryan Mary Ann Van Soest    

Beach Life - curated by Gwen Goepel

Inspired by the ocean of course!

Gwen Goepel Jean	 GrimesLaura JaszkowskiSonya PrchalSandra	Wagner Amy Witherow    

Views Muse - curated by Elena Stokes

Solitude, memory and reflection

Laura JaszkowskiTerry Aske Fenella DaviesDonna Deaver Jean	 GrimesJane Patrick


Let's Dance - curated by Gunnel Hag

A Celebration of Dance and Movement in Quilts

Lynn Welsch Ileana SotoShoshi Rimer Linda A. Miller  Betty Hahn Gunnel Hag


Moving Beyond Loss - curated by Margaret Dunsmore

After facing a loss, and suffering through its effects, the healing and recovery begins.

Heidi DrahotaRoberta Lagomarsini Ruth	 Reed Susan Shie Anne SolomonMartha Wolfe


Loss Take Many Forms - curated by Margaret Dunsmore

Scrolling through the benefit auction quilts, many of them seemed to deal with forms of loss, suffering from a loss, and moving beyond loss. These quilts speak to different forms of loss.

Ellen	 BourassaJoAnn CampLinda Engstrom  Patricia Kennedy-Zafred	Susan LeeBarbara Sferra    

Houston Diversity - curated by Susan Hilsenbeck

Houston is the most ethnically diverse city in the country, and members of our SAQA circle have equally diverse artistic vision.

Patricia MarekSuzan Engler	Hope WilmarthJanice McKeehanKeri BasJeannie	Schoennagel  

Eve - curated by Martha Sielman

Celebrating all the wonderful girls and women in our lives

Joan SowadaGenevieve AttingerMichelle JacksonLaurie CeesaySusan ElseBodil Gardner


Animal Attraction - curated by Jennifer Solon

Martha WolfeNancy N.	Erickson	Melanie Marr Jane Haworth Susan Auden Wood Hope Wilmarth