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Yvonne Porcella Memorial Fund  for Regional Development

Through SAQA, the world is your neighborhood!

The Yvonne Porcella Memorial Fund for Regional Development was created to honor the legacy of Yvonne Porcella, founder and first executive director of Studio Art Quilt Associates. The purpose of the fund is to ensure that each SAQA region is able to expand its network, produce more events, and sponsor more exhibitions in order to support the artistic creativity of its members.

Yvonne founded SAQA in 1989 because she passionately believed that the quilts she made were an art form that deserved a prominent position in the art world. Yvonne also believed in the principle “Think global, act local,” and she viewed the many SAQA regions as concentrations of original inspiration connected to a global community.

Her lasting legacy for SAQA was her concept of regional networks that united to form a strong, cohesive international organization. Each SAQA region would have its own unique style based on geography and culture. Each region would work to promote the art quilt through exhibitions, programming, and artists’ professional development.

Working together, the regions would be a force for change around the world.

As a result, SAQA brings together people from all over the world to join conversations about art, creativity, and other issues of concern. Through SAQA's exhibitions and publications, we can express our local experiences and perspectives and share them with others across the globe. This year, SAQA's exhibitions will travel to eight countries on four continents - places we never thought possible. 

Your gift today will honor Yvonne and her dream as well as help SAQA continue to challenge the boundaries of art and change perceptions about contemporary fiber art.

Thank you for your support. 

Make a Donation

If donating by check, please make checks payable to SAQA and send to P.O. Box 141, Hebron, CT 06248.


Our Supporters

Thank you to the supporters below who have contributed to the Yvonne Porcella Fund

Kelly Allen
Alex and John Anderson
Diane Ansel
Sonia Bardella
Nancy Bavor
Nancy Beckerman
Rebecca Beeson
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Beil
Sue Benner
Jean Blalock
Patricia Bolton
Diane M. Born
Deborah Boschert
Carol Boyer
Esther Brabec
Karey Bresenhan
Nancy Bryant
Sharon Buck
Giselle Burningham
Sonja Campbell
Deborah Cardoza
Deb Cashatt
Hilary Clark
Jane Burch Cochran
Maureen Cole
Judith Content
Albert Cote
Sherri Culver
Anne Datko
John J. Davies, III
Vivika Hansen DeNegre
Sue Dennis
Giny Dixon
Eileen Doughty
Lisa Ellis
Nancy Erickson
Connie Fahrion
Betty Flaim
Marvin Fletcher
Annette Friedlein
Marilyn Fries
Jayne Gaskins
Linda Gass
Lynn Glesne
Vicki L. Graham
Cindy Grisdela
Rita Daley Hannafin
Janeene Herchold
Valerie Hill
Wendy Hill
Susan Hilsenbeck
Jaynie Himsl
Jill Hoddick
Doris Hulse
Sharon Wallace Iyer
Ralph James
Leslie Jennings
Sherry Kleinman

Lynn Koolish
Karol Kusmaul
Carol Larson
Ellen Lindner
Karin Lusnak
Jenny K. Lyon
Deborah MacDonald
Michele Makinen
Jeanne Marklin
Judith E. Martin
Mary Mattimoe
Salli McQuaid
Pete and Kathy Menghetti
Denise Oyama Miller
Margaret Moon
Dabney H. Narvaez
Jean Neblett
Barbara Olson
Nancy Orr
Pat Owoc
Lucia Patrick
Margaret Phillips
Margaret Pitts
Patricia Porter
Dorothy Raymond
June Robertson
Connie Rohman
Sharon Rossi
Arturo Alonzo Sandoval
Dinah Sargeant
Kris Sazaki
David Scheven
Lise Schioler
Mary Lou Schwinn
Carol Sebastian-Neely
Teresa Shippy
Sandra Sider
Susan Siefkin
Martha Sielman
Bonnie J. Smith
Jennifer Solon
Deborah Sorem
Virginia A. Spiegel
Nancy Steidle
Elena Stokes
Paula Tanner
Sandra Teepen
Judith Trager
Gwyned Trefethen
Desiree Vaughn
Mary Vinovskis
Patricia L. Walters
Ruth A White
Shea Wilkinson
Andrea Willey
Claire Wills
Gay Young