Featured Artist - February 2015  Sandra Lauterbach

Sandra Lauterbach - Los Angeles, CA
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Sandra Lauterbach is a contemporary art quilter living in Los Angeles.She utilizes complexity, color and depth to exploit varying dimensions of physical space. This frequently results in a three dimensional aspect to her work and in a complex layering of materials. Whether by their very nature or her personal intervention, these layers overlap and add intrigue and intricacy to the surface, thus allowing the viewer to glimpse the revealed and the hidden at the same time.

In her abstract works, she views thread, yarn and fabric as her paints and the needle as her brush.   She is intrigued by the multiple textures, how they relate to one another, and the dialogue between them that can be created in her art.  The layers of complexity that she can create using various materials ranging from sheer to metallic fabric, paints, photographs and metals is the magnet of the art quilt medium for her—the unlimited possibilities for expression and creativity.


Rhapsody in ParisTime Machines

Wailing Wall