Featured Artist - January 2015  Lisa Flowers Ross

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In my artwork, I am seeking to find the simple essence of a thought, idea or object; to notice things that are passed by in our busy lives or to see something in a different way. Geometric shapes, lines and a focus on color are the main components that repeat themselves throughout my body of work. Abstraction is a common thread and, in some ways, is my attempt to simplify the world around me and get back to what is basic and necessary.  

Hand dyeing the fabrics allows me to create my own palette. Mixing the dye colors is an organic, intuitive process for me that is not done with precise measurements. From afar, the colors I use seem solid but upon closer inspection, imperfections and color variations are noticeable. This creates subtle texture and variation and conveys the hand made quality of the artwork.

Fabrics are cut and sewn together on my regular home sewing machine to create my artworks. Lines and texture are created with stitches, sometimes by hand but mostly by machine. With the technique of free-motion machine stitching, I can use my sewing machine to draw with thread, like I would with a pencil. Only instead of moving the pencil, it's like moving the paper.

Many of my artworks are abstractions on nature or daily observations. The natural world and environment are very important to me. I do not want to improve on nature or represent it realistically, but try to portray its simple beauty, its underlying elements and present it in a unique way. 

Foliaris VII
fabrics hand dyed by artist, machine pieced, free-motion stitching

Foliaris VIII
fabrics hand dyed by artist, machine pieced, free-motion stitching

NE 10.3
fabrics hand dyed by artist, machine pieced and appliqué, hand stitching, free-motion stitching



Foliaris VIIFoliaris VIII
NE 10 .3