Featured Artist - December 2014  Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe

ELSBETH NUSSER-LAMPE - Freiburg, Germany  de
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My first patchwork pieces were traditional quilts. After quilting with traditional patterns and taking courses in design and colour my interest in more contemporary patchwork techniques grew steadily.
Today I use machine quilting and machine embroidery, appliqué-, collage- and transfer techniques and also dying processes and printing in my textile forms .

Nature is my main source of inspiration. My designs find their origins in flowers, trees, grass, leaves and microorganisms, but I am  not concerned with creating a lifelike reproduction, let alone an exact copy of any forms existing in nature. My quest is for the expression of movement and lightness which will in turn inspire and move the viewer.

Growing of flowers is like a synonym for our human life and the developing of life. I try to capture the beauty of the plants in their transience.



Awakening of SpringCamomilleWinter Jasmine