Featured Artist - November 2014  Ann Johnston

ANN JOHNSTON- Lake Oswego, Oregon  US
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In the 70s I was making traditional-style quilts; I started dyeing fabric to get the colors I wanted, and gradually developed home-studio friendly recipes. By the early 80s I was using only my hand-dyed fabrics, perfecting precision dye painting for whole cloth silk quilts. By the late 90s, I was using many more dyeing and construction techniques. In the 00s I began also using iron artifacts to stain silk. In the 10s I began The Contact: Quilts of the Sierra Nevada, a group of quilts, all 7 feet tall—16 so far—which I will probably continue working on into the  20s…

Images and ideas embedded in my experience come forward in my hand-dyed fabric as I print and paint dye, and the results often offer me unexpected design opportunities. The stitching element is equally important to me, changing and adding to the content of the piece. In addition to making good art, I am seriously involved with the art of making it well. Years of trying not to worry about who-likes-what has finally freed me to attempt any design I imagine—and to learn from the process. Curiosity about what each piece will look like when it is done drives me on, and the versatility of my dyeing and sewing techniques keeps it a pleasure. I hope you enjoy looking into my work.


The Contact: Cross Polarized Gabbro ©2014 Ann Johnston
Dry Lake, 55” x 60” ©2014 Ann Johnston
Pressure Sensitive, 64” x 59” ©2014 Ann Johnston


The Contact: Cross Polarized Gabbro ©2014 Ann JohnstonDry Lake, 55” x 60” ©2014 Ann JohnstonPressure Sensitive, 64” x 59” ©2014 Ann Johnston