Redirecting the Ordinary  - Curator's Essay

From the beginning of the process of developing this show and making it happen, it has been a real pleasure to formulate the concept and then to see the results coming in.

Juror Alicia Merrett had the very difficult task of selecting 35 pieces — I can say that for me this would always be the most difficult part, because generally all the works we receive are excellent: how to decide?

My personal thank you to everyone who entered Redirecting the Ordinary — both to those whose work was accepted and to those whose work, this time, was not accepted. For your positive outlook, many kind words and generous sharing of your work, I say one thing: Bravo! My hope is that you will continue to make art, and I encourage you to enter your work again in the future.

Thank you, Alicia, for your carefully considered choices. Also, thank you to the SAQA Exhibition Committee for your assistance in this, my first experience as curator. I can certainly say that now I have had a taste of a SAQA curator’s important task.

A bientôt.

— Gül Laporte


Gul LaPorteGül Laporte is a French patchwork and quilting consultant working internationally. Her interest in patchwork and quilting began while living in Houston, Texas, over 30 years ago. Since then, she has been teaching patchwork and has written two books, one in French and one in English (“Quilts from Europe”, C&T publishing). She travels the world to discover new artists and various art quilt exhibitions. For many years Gül has been a writer and a public relations consultant with SAQA and is actively involved in promoting SAQA in Europe while also serving as SAQA’s international exhibition coordinator. In addition, she is in her second term on the advisory board of the IQSC and Museum in Lincoln Nebraska.