Featured Artist - October 2014  Gunnel Hag

GUNNEL HAG- Toronto, Ontario (CANADA)
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The inspiration for my work comes from my experience with nature and its forces. Visual surface textures in my work are created by painting and manipulating fabric pigments on the cloth, as well as screen printing, and block printing with found objects such as leaves, vegetables and kitchen implements.

In “You will Find Hidden Treasures Where Least Expected” I painted the fabric and printed with actual leaves. Machine quilted. (Photo by Mathew McCarthy)

For “ Whirlwind 11” - the green whole cloth quilt - I used a pastry mixer, potato masher and a spool of thread to create the whirlwind feeling of the quilt. Machine quilted (by Tracey Lawko).

“Lichen No. 2” is a departure from the hand printed quilt tops. In this piece I printed my own photographs of lichens onto linen, and quilted it by hand.


Whirlwind 11  by Gunnel HagYou Will Find Hidden Treasures Where Least Expected  by Gunnel Hag
Lichen No_ 2  by Gunnel Hag