Featured Artist - September 2014  Judith Roderick

JUDITH RODERICK - Placitas New Mexico (USA)
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I am an Artist, a Silk Painter who also makes quilts.  I have been painting on Silk for 30 years, and I batiked for 20 years before that.  I draw well, and love to depict Nature, the flora and fauna of the natural world.  I have a great Love of the Earth and a great concern about the current trajectory of life on Earth.  I love the beauty and diversity of what still exists here, and I do all that I can to preserve it, which includes its depiction in my work.  I intend my Art as a Blessing.

I taught myself to make traditional pieced quilts in my 20’s.  I made quilts from my children’s art in my 30’s, and occasionally created batiked quilts.  I did about 1 or 2 silk quilts a year during my long Wearable Art career of creating silk-painted clothing.  Those are all in private collections.  In the mid 90’s I stepped out of the Art world and spent 10 years on a Spiritual path of meditation and travel, an inner time of more BEing than doing.

In 2006, I re-entered the Art World, and after pondering what part of our modern world still pleased me, I started creating Nature-themed silk painted scarves and banners.  I painted what I saw out my window, in my travels, I my heart.  In 2008, I did my first quilt in 18 years. After bringing home my Mother’s button collection, and going to an Ethnographic Art Exhibit where I saw a NW coast blanket with buttons sewn on it, I came home, looked at a silk banner I had hanging on the wall and said, “That would look good quilted with buttons sewn on it.”  It did, and I have been making quilts ever since.  It is the most exciting and satisfying art form that I do now.  I started out hand-quilting, and after the first 3 quilts, which took over 2 years to do, I bought a new machine that could drop the feed dogs. Now I can do more of what I envision. I continue to love the complex multi-layered and meditative quality of making quilts.



Judith Roderick - Placitas Wild HorsesJudith Roderick - Sandhill Crane FamilyJudith Roderick - Myself as a Bowerbird